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Jianghuai (JAC) Vision Concept

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very pretty car, but such ugly logo!!! i wonder if they even have any marketing staff?

does JAC only sell in china ?
just a concept,they only sell van and mpv in china now...
I just realized it is backward Lexus logo!, they will never make it big i guess with such copying, but the concept is very nice
Looks greats.....reminds me a little to the lasta Chrysler 300M (just the side view)
Do you have any pictures of the interior, an idea about the power plant that would be used in a production model, or if it would actually go into production?
I don't have anymore info or pictures but perhaps one of our Chinese speaking visitors can help you out. is so ugly

but the car is very nice,i like it.
a little like Greely spartscar.
They should use another colour, or just stick to the red of the Vision 1.
If i'm correct, this is the Vision 2 if i'm not mistaken.
very nice car and color!

Since when did JAC change their Logo?
can someone please photoshop the vision and make it some other color?? something like red or black would be awsome.
i sorta like the color, but its sorta like the g35

and isnt JAC logo the backwards lexus>?
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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