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Small EV spied carrying JMCGL logo (Jiangling Group Light Auto). The car is essentially the Dongfang Ruida ES600, featured several times in the mini EV thread on this forum.

Rebadged/related cars are (known to me):

1. Dongfang Ruida ES600
2. Goplay V5
3. Dinaite Guanhang/Crown Air
4. Huaihai Zongshen K2
5. Lansel HT10
6. Lei Jun L3/L5
7. Yintai Xingyue
8. Rodi 300
9. Auges Shenya X6

(names updated)

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JMEV E200:

The next JMEV model to go on sale will be the E200, which is an EV version of the Benben Mini '2012' (i.e the 2011 facelift). This was shown as far back as May 2015, but sales are expected to begin this month.

Note: There are numerous copies and variations of the Benben Mini sold by hordes of LSEV makers/traders, but the E200 looks like the legit version given the closeness of the JMC and Changan groups.



Length / width / height (mm) 3524/1560/1494
Wheelbase (mm) 2340
Track (mm front and rear) 1315/1300
Curb weight (Kg) ≤950

Motor rated / peak power (kW) 18/35
Maximum torque (Nm) 120
Battery type Lithium battery
Voltage (V) 340
Capacity (AH) 50

Maximum speed (km/h) 120
Driving range (km) 150
0-100 km/h (s) 16
100 km energy consumption (kWh) 10
Fast / slow charging rate (h) 0.5 / 6


Update: Official specs have been mentioned in a later post.

JMEV is a new brand of the JMC group created, obviously, for EV cars and pickup conversions.

New JMEV websites:

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Re: Jiangling E100

It is rumored that JMEV will discontinue sales of the E100. I believe this will be temporary, pending its upgrade to 2016 NEV norms.

NDRC has listed a new EV, JX7005BEV, in its latest announcement (#276). However, pics and specs are awaited, so it cannot be confirmed whether this refers to the E200 or an upgraded E100.

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Jmev e100

Official info is out: the JX7005BEV is an upgraded E100 with a new 10 (r)/20 kW Jiangling-made motor in place of the former 7.5 (r)/15 kW unit. Max. speed is now 100 km/h vs. 80 km/h, as required by the "double 100" norm. Range is not mentioned.


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JMEV E200 approved (JX7006BEV):

Official specs are slightly different from what was reported earlier.

Dimensions: 3580 X 1570 X 1485 mm
Wheelbase: 2345 mm
Track: F/R 1330/1310 mm
Curb weight (Kg) 980
Motor rated / peak power (kW) 15/30
Voltage (V) 146
Capacity (Ah) 118
Maximum speed (km/h) 100

Motor is made by Jiangling.


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Re: Jiangling E160


(assuming you are referring to the E160) The original of this car, the Levdeo V60/V60i (formerly D60/E60) and its rebadged versions, Boloda DS6 and Byvin M8, are LSEVs. This version here, the JMEV E160, is an NEV.

As discussed by me with dragin in the Zhidou E20 thread, to be classified as an NEV, as of 2016, the criteria are that the car should be capable of a speed of 100 km/h and a have a single-charge range of 100 km. This is known as the "double 100" rule. Therefore, logically, any EV which fails to satisfy either of these two criteria would be an LSEV (by exclusion). However, if an EV is shown to match or exceed both criteria, it has to go through the (administrative) approval process to be classified as NEV. Without this stamp of approval, it will not be listed as an NEV (even if technically qualified) and not be eligible for the various tiers of subsidies.

Note: V60/V60i later renamed XiaoWangzi, DS6 later renamed DS8
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