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A reporter was informed that in addition to launching its own brand Yusheng this year, Jiangling Motors Company (JMC) will introduce the Maverick (Yihu) SUV Ford.

An official from JMC's supporting business revealed that the introduction of Maverick has been on the agenda for a long time within JMC. A breakthrough was made recently: JMC reached a preliminary agreement with Ford on this matter and started planning the infrastructure of this project.

"If this partnership is going to work, it will be a great benefit both to a deeper cooperation with Ford and to the development of JMC’s follow-up passenger cars," citing an insider.

JMC announced last year that its production base in Nanchang will not only used for the production of JMC's commercial cars and the passenger car Yusheng, but also for Ford's Maverick once it decided to cooperate with JMC.

This news was further confirmed when Robert J Graziano, president and CEO of Ford Motor (China) Ltd. said that Ford will increase investment in the Chinese market this year and besides Chang'an, Ford will have a broader cooperation with JMC. Wang Xigao, president of JMC implied in an interview that both sides will have a highly expected follow-up move.

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