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Jiangsu DHCLBC Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd. Is located in Wuxi City of Jiangsu Province, China. LBC successfully pass the ISO9001: 2000 and National Compulsory Certification for Vehicle Manufacture (CCC).

LBC provide 6 series (more than 100 models) products, including motorcycle, scooter, dirt bike, electric bike, utility vehicle, quad and etc.

Since 2003, we began developing dirt bike based on top-quality parts, which place us among the leading manufacturer of this field. In the year 2004, it's our company that firstly developed updated dirt bike with twin beam aluminum frame in China.

Since 2005, Company have two model of dirt bike got the certificate of E-mark which have the "green pass-port" to enter the Europe market.

Since 2006, Company have four model of dirt bike got the certificate of EPA which have the "green pass-port" to enter the USA market.

The products we export are scooters. Motorcycles. Dirt bikes. Go-karts and utility vehicle. These products are popular in over 80 countries such as Europe. North America. South America. Africa. South Asia and Oceania.

They also produce electric cars which are shown here.

Electric car

E-5 electric car

KD80 electric car

LBC80E electric car


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erik (laofan) said:
KiwiGuy, I think this company is not producing but only trading. The yellow car (KD80) has a clear Kandi logo, the last car (LBC80E Jade) a different logo that I don't know.
Hi Laofan:
What is confusing here is the different company logos seen on all the DHCLBC electric vehicles. The KD model designation appears to be clearly of Zhejiang Kandi origin, but the others bearing the LBC model designation, all appear to be made by DHCLBC. The Jade is an especilly interesting model because of its unique and attractive appearance when compared with the Smart lookalikes. I wonder if it is sourced from a subsidiary of DHCLBC.

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Jiangsu DHCLBC Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd.
No.111, Housong Road, Anzhen Town, Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Tex: 0086 510 88726391
Fax: 0086 510 88726393
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
MSN: [email protected] / [email protected]

This is a motorcycle factory. About the cars: the Smart-copy could be anything, there are many of these. The second car is a Changhe Ideal, without any logo. The third was our Kandi. The fourth, the Jade, is unknown to me, but I can't find it back at the DHCLBC websites.
The Jade logo is different from the regular LBC logo.

After I checked the next minicar factories: Aucma, Baoya, Cestar, Fangneng, Flybo, Fulu, Greentec, Greenwheel, Huoyun, Jiaoyuan, Jixing, Kandi, Lujun, Mycar, Sandi, Shifeng, Shiwei, Sonik, Sunmotor, Wande, Yincheng and Yingang; I found a Huoyun which is the Smart-copy:


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