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While looking into the history of Brilliance/Jinbei I found that the company history is well covered from the time Yang Rong appears on the scene (due to the New York stock exchange listing and Yang's court cases in the US). However for the history before his appearance, I find two different stories.

The first, more common one start with the Shenyang Auto Repair Factory, erected by the Shenyang municipal government in 1949. This company is mainly a workshop for car maintenance, but they turn manufacturer in 1972. Their product is the SY622 10-seat bus. Then in 1989 the company signs an agreement with Toyota and starts making the Haishi vans.

The second story starts in 1958 with the Shenyang Vehicle Manufacturing Plant, probably established by the Liaoning provincial government. They start building the Julong truck in 1959 and later produce several generations of trucks (I can find SY130, 131, 132, 134).

Looking at the current Group structure I'm inclined to think that the Shenyang Auto Repair Factory is the predecessor of Renault Brilliance Jinbei Automotive (that produces Jinbei passenger vehicles and vans) and Shenyang Vehicle Manufacturing Plant is the predecessor of Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing (that makes JBC trucks and Jinbei pickups and light trucks). Is this correct?

Either in 1978 or in 1984 Shenyang Automotive Industry Corporation is formed. Is this when both entities above are joined together in the same group?
In 1988 Shenyang Automotive Industry is renamed to Jinbei Automotive Co Ltd. Is this the first time the Jinbei brand is used? If so, how where the vehicles labelled before that date, simply Shenyang?
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