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Jingma Motor Co., Ltd, JMCG, a subsidiary of Jiangling Motors Co., Group, renamed from Jiangxi Fire Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in November 15, 2011, which was derived from Jiangxi Fire Engine Manufacturer. In 1958, it was founded. In 1968, light off-road vehicle started to be produced, and then, in 1973, light fire engine started to be produced. The company has the manufacturing qualification to produce the entire passenger car (saloon car not included), fire engine, special (refitted) car and chassis. The business scope includes car, agricultural vehicle and its parts, car sales, car modification, car technical performance test and mechanical parts.

The company was located in Jiangxi Xinjian Changleng Industrial Zone with registered capital RMB 200 million, covering an area of 133,333 m2. In June 2011, Jiangling Motors Co., Group reorganized Jiangxi Fire Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd, using the advantages of brand, entire vehicle and spare parts of the group to manufacture good-quality products and exert ourselves to develop new products and build the new brand “Jingma”. In 2012, for supporting the development of Jingma, Jiangling Motors. Co., Group took full advantage of resources, to strengthen and expand the passenger car business, deciding to incorporate Jiangling Newpower Motors Co., Ltd into Jingma Motor Co., Ltd, JMCG, and then moved the passenger car business to Xiaolan new factory. Now the company is capable of producing 2000 passenger cars and 2000 minibuses and light truck one shift. The company has the certificates of ISO9001 and China Compulsory Certification (CCC). There are more than 600 employees, including more than 160 technical staffs.







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