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JMC Ford Territory

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Ford-badged SUV based on the JMC Yusheng S330. Resurrects the "Territory" name used prior on an Australian SUV. Interior is new. The S330 was discontinued within two years of production, and this is largely an attempt to revive sales by bringing it into the fold of Ford. Hybrid versions may be introduced; not sure how that will impact the launch of the proposed S330 EV or JMEV E500.

Territory (official pics):
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I get my JACs and JMCs so mixed up at times.
JMC Ford Territory in Brazil

Ford Territory reaches Brazil for participation in Salão do Automóvel de São Paulo. Note the unit displayed is a China-spec model (jiangling fute written in Chinese).

Copyright: Marlos Ney Vidal
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JMC Ford Territory EV

Can an electric version be far behind?

Motor outputs 120 kW.


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does anybody know how to program radio from chinese to english? or English firmware?
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