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Yan Zhen
THOUSANDS of people crowded the 2006 Job Fair for Returned Overseas Chinese in the city on Saturday.

Most of returned job seekers with advanced degrees were hampered by their lack of working experience.

At the annual fair held in Pudong New Area, nearly 2,000 job openings were posted by nearly 40 recruiting companies, universities and research institutions - such as eBay China, Philips China, Donghua University and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Most of the vacancies were mid-to-senior level management positions such as vice president, program director and chief engineer, which require a qualified overseas background and at least 5 years of working experience.

Forsun High-tech Group, a local privately owned company, was seeking an international business development vice president with annual payment of 1 million yuan (US$123,457).

A successful applicant should be an overseas Chinese with at least 10 years' working experience in Fortune 500 companies.

Such jobs attracted a large number of resumes. But most applicants were from fledging overseas university graduates.

"We are impressed with applicants with advanced degrees. But more importantly, the candidates that we are looking for should have hands-on experience at foreign auto manufacturers," said Zhu Qingmin, human resources manager of SAIC Motor Corp Ltd.

"Otherwise, I would prefer hiring domestic university graduates, which is more cost efficient for the company," he added.

The city has launched a second round of overseas recruiting this year, to attract 10,000 overseas Chinese to return to work in the city within two years.

Li Zhi, who flew from Britain to attend the job fair, said China's booming development lured her back.

"I know it is hard for us inexperienced returnees (to find job), but positive economic environment here is sure to present us more opportunities than foreign countries do," said Li, an April Master of Biology graduate.
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