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Deke I see you haven't gotten much response to your inquiry yet. But hang in there as the jobs will come.
Don't mind RIHC, he's not a bad guy, and knowledgeable I must admit. Yeah, there's still hope for him despite his poor choice of names.

Why his long drawn out spats make it onto "General (Automotive)Discussion" instead of "Off Topic", I do not know.

But he's right about one thing he said to you, and that is that eventually, you will probably have to come to China.

I would suggest that you go to a show. The Shanghai one is over, but there's one coming up in Changchun. Another in Changsha will be smaller.

And here's a couple of companies you may want to contact:
Shuguang Automotive of Dandong, China and Troy, Michigan - an auto and components maker.
Wanxiang Group of Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province, China and Wood Dale, Illinois - an auto parts maker

I'm afraid it'll take awhile before Chinese Automakers set up serious shop in the U.S..
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