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Hi, I Martin From Uruguay!!!

Ihave a litle work shop especialist in car electronic systems
have a client whit this landwin cv9 whit problem in transmition .
the car run bud the transmition is goin up the gear marches and before you stop
the gear no turn down the marches an be in the most high . do you any have a work shop manual for this landwin cv9
i can scan the sistems and the dtc is in transmition module and say " transmition speed signal to low voltage"
i only like any manual to see in where is the speed sensor, his signal may come from abs through network cables or direct, or whit signal of the output shaft Transmit etc.
as a curiosity I want to comment that the speedometer if it works.
finally the problem occurs that raises transmicion gears to slow down do not back down. the only way is to remove and re-ignition starting to give back every time the speed is low, because I hope to apologize for my bad English

i don't know if this is not a technical review or only car forum is one of the few places I found to ask a help from already thank you very much my email is [email protected]
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