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Landwind Fashion (Fengshang)

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Jiangling has started producing it's newest model called "Fashion" (Fenshan). It is a small MPV designed by Italian designhouse "IDEA" and comes with a choice of 1,6 liter (75kW) and 2,0 liter (108kW) engines.

This model will make it to European markets at some point. This is a big step for Jiangling, let's hope for the best :thumb:
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very very nice...and it gets bonus points for the color...ive never seen this color on a car

ps. raul, you seem to love the 'other' forums :)
The spyshots of this vehicle were shown on many websites and described as being the Chery Crossover. Looks like they got it all wrong :nono: as it is infact a Landwind!
welcome innovation

Looks like the Chinese imports are arriving in Europe so quickly that the spies are getting confused already.
The Fengshang MPV is the first all Chinese vehicle in its class. The Yufeng is the hybrid version due out in 2008.

The manufacturer Jiangling Holding Co. (JHC), is owned by Chang'an and Jiangxi Jiangling Motors, each with 50%. Chang'an itself is owned by the South Industries Group and JHC owns 41% of Jiangling Motors. This complexity of ownership of Chinese carmakers gets more confusing every day, but when consolidation really gets underway the reverse will be true.

Chang'an has fallen on hard times with an 80% drop in profits last year; it's too bad because there's some nicely innovative models being produced. It even has an office at the I.De.A headquarters in Turin.
This car was originally intended to be Chang'an but they used Landwind name instead (quite surprisingly)
jiangling cv9

The CV 9 was shown as prototype at the Shanghai Show in April 2005 under the Jiangling brand. Surprisingly, later prototypes seen during testdrives showed the Chang'an logo, and they were indicated as CV11.
The European spy pictures were taken in October 2005, by Brenda Peddy, when the CV9 was loaded on a trailer, on the road in Germany to visit a Ford Tranmission Factory. I notified Brenda Peddy & Company immediately that they were wrong, indicating that the car was a Chery product. This was never rectificated, I suppose it is difficult to admit a mistake, especially when the mistake is already internationally published.
Erik (
brenda priddy

Sorry, I typed it wrong, it is Brenda Priddy & Company
staying ahead of the game

If Brenda and Co had subscribed to CMVDC they would have been more on top of things. Afterall the intro was at least 6 months earlier....
Chang'an launches the Fashion MPV

Jingling Holding, the JV between Chang'an and Jingling, officially launched the Fashion (Fengshang) MPV to the local market on May 18.
if we learned something from this thread its never to trust chinese car spys :lol:
the front looks a little too cute in my point of view, they should put this front to a mini car it would look so much better.
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chinaautoinfo said:
Jingling Holding, the JV between Chang'an and Jingling, officially launched the Fashion (Fengshang) MPV to the local market on May 18.

Great, another sign of growth in changan in terms of business relations and product output
my fan

Very good model name (Fenshan), but "FAN CHAN" in Thai language means "my fan"!!!
new landwind mpv

I think this has just been launched - it's in some of the mags. I saw this one on display at jmc a while back. Engine is a 2.0 from Changan who have a share in Jiangling group (and vice versa I believe). I'm not certain but I think it's another FEV developed engine.

Note the beam axle rear suspension, and the Kumho tyres.




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Looks like a well presented vehicle with what looks like decent fit and finish. How did it seem from your point of view in terms of quality first hand? Also what is its pricing in China?
i think it sorta looks like the chery s12... am i the only one...

what would happen if chinese cars starting copying other chinese cars:eek:
Admin, could you move this thread to Jiangling sub-forums ?
How is Landwind recovering from its initial disaster into the European market?

Yes, we all know that the horrible crash test it recieved was a setup. But it did severely impact their initial sales.
Admin said:
very very nice...and it gets bonus points for the color...ive never seen this color on a car
It looks very like the fantastic "Sunspot" color used by MG but that was an optional color costing over £2000 extra so I don't think many will be made in this color if it is the same!

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