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Spotgo A500, A300 & Seiyong S1 (OEM supplied)

JMEV is now cooperating with outside companies to market a couple of its models.

Info from MIIT indicates that the EX5 is to be supplied to Shanghai-based Spotgo Auto (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on OEM basis; it will be badged as Spotgo A500. Spotgo Auto (博高汽车, Chinese bogao) is a seller of lithium batteries and electric scooters. It is a step-down subsidiary of Arcadia, California-based Gauss Auto Group, Inc. owned by one Feng Chen.

Wait, there's more! Spotgo will also sell the EV3 small car as the A300:


Similarly, Beijing-based Seiyong Automobile Co., Ltd. (世用汽车, Chinese shiyong) owned by one Lu Jianhao alias Lu Xingjian, entered into an agreement with JMEV in September 2019 for supply of the EV3 to be sold under their own brand as Seiyong S1. Deliveries started in December, according to the company.
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