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its a Chevorlet Frontera for gods sake ! ( it was sold under the Chevorlet brand here )

one of the CRAPPIEST AND CHEAPEST 4X4 used to exist here !

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For Europe X6 will receive diesel engine, developed by known Italian manufacturer VM Motori.

Translation by Google.
Of course that attempts to Landwind to conquer the European market are doing react prematurely in all fields. At the end of 2005 attempted to commercialize X6 in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium but the fateful test scores in the clash delayed its arrival.

Now that all security-related problems have been corrected and X6 can achieve at least three stars, reach European market in a better position than was originally envisaged. It will have a new diesel engine developed by VM.

The arrival of the Landwind X6 2.5d will be during the second half of this year-although we do not know which countries - and it will be ready for the 2009 version of the three-door, known as X9 (and Frontera Sport when selling Opel) it will also have diesel engines.
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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