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Leap S01

Leap Motor priced and launched the S01 today. The 2+2, FWD coupe will be powered by a 125 kW/250 Nm motor; 35.6 and 48 kWh battery pack options will be available for the "380" and "460" variants, enabling NEDC ranges of 300 km and 380 km respectively. Each variant will be made in Standard and "Pro" versions, with the Pro getting more features and/or equipment. Buyers may receive early-bird incentives by way of certain extra free services from the company.

The S01 will be available with the "LEAP Pilot" Level 2 driving assist technology including lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic/remote parking. Other features include dual-screen console, voice control/command, and biometric driver authentication (one of Leap Motor's chief promoters is Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., a major video-surveillance tech company).

Further info on the car:

Members of the press visited the Jinhua base a couple of months ago, and the factory was nearing completion with some machinery and manufacturing equipment having just been installed.

It is however somewhat unusual that although the car has been put on sale, Leap Motor neither has a production qualification from NDRC, nor has the S01 itself received a type-approval code. It is not known Leap Motor has partnered with which OEM for a production license.
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