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Your help is much appreciated.
I tried to introduce myself in the new members topic, but the message hasn't shown up yet. I tried to post again here, but I think it doesn't like the hyperlink I used. One final attempt, so you know who you're talking to.

My name is Leo and I'm from the Netherlands.
I'm an engineer by profession ad interested in cars since my early childhood. Somewhere along the line I became curious about the Chinese car industry and now I'm trying to find out about its brands and history. That's quite a difficult research, since the information is rather limited. Especially if you don't speak any Chinese like me. So far this forum has been a wealth of information, so thank you all who have contributed.

I've been reading a lot here already, but I finally signed up so now I can go out and ask (stupid?) questions about all the information I'm missing. As said, my interest in in the Chinese car industry is purely an hobby, but I shared all information I gathered so far on a Dutch car forum. For those interested, it's here (In Dutch, you might need Google translate):

www *dot* autoweek *dot* nl/forum/read.php?1,5853506
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Since you are so greatly interested and would be comfortable with non-Chinese-language documents, may I suggest you purchase some of the very interesting history publications by your compatriot and highly esteemed researcher Erik van Ingen Schenau, who is, as you must know by now, a member of this forum. These may perhaps help to fill the gaps in knowledge that you might have regarding this industry. His general catalogs (extensive and exhaustive) are no longer for sale, unfortunately.
I've come across Eric's website and I've been thinking about purchasing one or more of his books. I'll probably send him an email once the Christmass bonus comes in ;)
Leo, you don't need to buy a book from me, I appreciate an email without that too! Please contact me and we can have a nice talk or maybe meet together. My email is [email protected].
Hi Leo,
Not to worry.., those concise histories of the major players you posted in autoweek testifies to a keen knowledge of where the Chinese industry has came from so far. And now we welcome you to join us in keeping up with the frenetic pace of development. It is a fascinating subject, and as you can see China is having a major impact on the global auto industry as a whole.

Since your earliest posts showed a special interest in BAIC, the following (old) book, by Jim Mann of the Los Angeles Times, is a good introduction to the auto industry back in its infancy, especially with regards to state owned enterprises, and their tie-ups with the technology giants from abroad.

An updated edition is also available for the rather ridiculous price of $65.00 to $75.00. Perhaps if you shop around you can find a reduced price. There are also some others books on the subject that may be of interest to you..., by Posth, Dunne, Harwit, Anderson, Clissold, Chin and Gallagher
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There you go Leo. I can't think of a better resource than Erik's CMVDC. Didn't realize that he also offers those publications I mentioned.
Sorry Erik.
My interest is not just in BAIC, but it happens to be alphabetically the first on this forum. Prepare yourself for many newbie questions in the future ;-)
By the way, I'll consider that book and thanks for pointing it out.

I've taken up on your invitation and send you an email.
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