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From China Car Times.

Jubilant at passing the Russian crash test, and obtaining European E-mark accreditation, Lifan are planning to export their vehicles to the USA in 2010, with the goal of starting sales of Lifan cars in 2011. In a media conference earlier today, Lifan Chairman, Mr. Yin Ming Shang expressed that Lifan cars will hit US shores in 2010.

Lifan are apparently already in talks with a US company that has rather large plans for Lifan USA, with them planning to alter the Lifan 520’s emissions and safety equipment to be on par with US regulations. Last year, 6 Lifan 520’s were handed over to the unnamed US company for tests and trials on US roads.

Mr. Yin also thanked the British company, Ricardo, for helping Lifan with the 1.3L engines abilities, and also hoped that Lifan can work with Ricardo again to create an automatic gear box for the Lifan range of cars. Mr. Yin went onto announce that the USA wasnt the end of Lifans export plans, he announced that Lifan have registered a sales company for the ever tough German market.

Mr. Yin says Lifan will continue with its plans to build factories in Eastern Europe and South East Asia to continue with Lifans massive growth. Lifan aims to sell 150,000 cars per year in their overseas markets over the coming years, a number which China Car Times believes is easily obtainable.
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