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Lifan Maiwei (Myway)

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Maiwei (迈威) is the name of the new "unidentified" SUV/crossover whose pictures have appeared on the web recently.

Land vehicle Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tire
Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Automotive side marker light Vehicle Automotive lighting


My previous posts from the "Lifan concepts for Shanghai autoshow 2015" thread:
An unidentified new Lifan SUV. On some forum threads, people are calling it X70, but the X70 is a completely different vehicle.
There are some news reports mentioning a future X55, and fewer also talking of an X66, e.g. this old article:
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Re: Lifan Maiwei (new SUV)

I just can imagine advertising campaign for this, sung by Frank Sinatra:
"And more, much more than this
I did it my way"

Sorry, I just couldnt resist.:)
Re: Lifan Maiwei (new SUV)

Sinatra did of course advertise the 1980s Chrysler Imperial coupe which of course went really well......not.
Re: Lifan Maiwei

Priced and launched:

Compared to the X50, 820, 650 and Letu, this was pretty quick in coming to the market since the time the first spyshots were seen.

I see that an attachment has been lost from the preceding post. I have mentioned this matter in another thread:
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Lifan MyWay will start sales in Argentina on September 15.

The Lifan MyWay bookings, test drive and pre-sale will began in Argentina on September 15, at AR$ 414K for the only trim level.
But our Maiwei is not the only player on the 7 seater game, there's the Chevy Spin.
So we compare:
Chevrolet Spin LTZ 7-seater AT 2017, 1.8, AR$ 419.000

Lifan MyWay 1.8 MT, AR$ 414.000

So we have AR$ 420.000 on the pocket, what we buy?
Spin pros:
-Automatic gearbox
Spin contras:
-Outdated platform, design and engine
-Uncomfortable third row seats (yea, that's true, ask on Google)
MyWay pros:
-New design
-Comfortable for all the passengers
-Reliable engine
-High quality plastics
-Economic price tag for a new, safe and beautiful car.
-They're a few dealers of Lifan.
-People here bash everything Chinese (until they see a Hongqi!!!)
-Can we say that it doesn't have AT as an option?
Choice is yours... I'll go to the MyWay.
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Re: Lifan Maiwei (new SUV)

With the title of #BienDeFamilia, Lifan presented MyWay advertisements on TV and in YouTube (sometimes the ad appears on Televisión Pública Argentina, most frequently at 11 am. Curiously appears a Chery New QQ advertisement [internal battle?]).

NOTE: TV advertisement is shorter (duration of 21 seconds, while the original one has a duration of 1 minute and 27 seconds). If it's possible I'll record the TV ad.
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Re: Lifan Maiwei (new SUV)

Comparison between 3 different models (Chevrolet Captiva and Spin, and Dodge Journey).
Photos courtesy of Tomás López (gracias!)

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