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Lifan Motors, one of the automakers in China, is in talks with Subaru, an automobile division of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), over possible cooperation in automobile production, confirmed Liao Xionghui, sales general manager for Lifan Motors, lately.

The proposed collaboration has won support from the municipal government of Chongqing, said Mr. Liao. The Chongqing-based company was reported to take part in the battle for a partnership with the FHI automobile unit, challenging a group of state-owned automakers such as China FAW Group Corporation, SAIC Group, and Beijing Automobile Works. Co., Ltd.

Lifan Motors is on track to kick off financing and investment for the potential cooperation, according to Mr. Liao, without saying when the talks started or if there is any fruit in the talks. One of the privately-run automakers in China, Lifan Motors will leave part of the rights in procurement, manufacturing, marketing, and branding to its partner provided that it teams up with Subaru, pointed out market observers.
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