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Look who's beating the Chinese to the US market...

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While the Shanghai auto show was taking place half a world away, another emerging world economic power was unveiling its first-ever vehicle lineup bound for the United States.

Mahindra Automotive will begin selling three models—2-door and 4-door pickup trucks and a midsize 7-passenger SUV—in late 2008 or early 2009. Features include a 4-cylinder common-rail diesel engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, available shift-on-the-fly all-wheel drive and a 4-year/60,000-mile warranty.

The 2-door truck will have the longest and deepest bed in its class. Pricing and specifications will be announced in a few months, but it should be priced around $20,000, with the 4-door version in the low $20s and the SUV starting in the mid-$20s.

The dated styling may leave a lot to be desired, but consumers will appreciate the fuel mileage benefits of the diesel—ratings could be as high as 39 mpg.

Mahindra is one of the biggest industrial concerns in India and is no stranger to automobile manufacturing. The company began building Jeeps under license with Willys in 1954, and in 2005 formed a joint venture with Renault to manufacture and market the Indian-built, worldwide-distributed Renault Logan.
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Chinese trucks and pickups are already in the USA btw .
Indian cars , most of them are durable ... but they are all ugly and outdated .
im sure mahindra & mahindra will have some last minute faults disabling them from entering in 2009
Don't make this thread look like a China Vs India thread please

Anyway We shall wait and see if that is gonna work out anything for them.

Indian media and news are always talk, bluff and lie anyway. Let's see if they are really gonna go ahead with their plan.
cryptonx said:
Chinese trucks and pickups are already in the USA btw .
Indian cars , most of them are durable ... but they are all ugly and outdated .
Already? Whom?
Maybe for commercial or specialty use, but not for consumers - and they are ugly and outdated too, including the up and coming ZhongXing.

These Indian trucks are clearly for consumer use. They sure are ugly as hell, but common rail diesel and 6 spd auto? Wow.

Yeah, I don't see them pulling this off by 2008 either...
i saw this coming :rolleyes:
good nice but

More news on this Indian car coming to US...
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