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I agree, 2006 has really been a breakthrough year for the industry. Even one year ago people didn't even know they make cars in China.

Now everyone is interested. If they only could get standards up so that they could blitz Europe they could really make a killing.

If I were a Chinese car executive, I'd make safety improvements the number one priority, I don't think Europeans care about percieved quality if the price is right, as long as cars are safe. Funny how that works, but that's just the way the market is.

Design wise things are looking good too. Though car companies will get flack from copying designs (and not admitting it) I don't think that's a bad thing. Copying happens all the time, and cars usually look pretty much the same anyway.

Funky designs (like the CoolBear or many of the SUV's) with reasonable prices are sure to make a killing.
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