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Hello there

I looked over the Flayer vehicle you presently produce and would be interested to find out if this vehicle is availible for purchased in CKD or other format for import to devoping countries.

Gearbox and motor may not be required as local alternative may be availible,but we are interested in either case with or without propulsion package.

Looking forward to any replies from the company directly

(I looked over the website,but did not find an email link)

Best regards

Paulo Nunes

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Add:Yan'an Road,Kuichong,Longgang,Shenzhen,China
Zip: 518119
Sales Line : +86-0755-84218888-6632 or 2217
For sales: [email protected]
For after-sales service: [email protected]
Website :

Remember two things -

One, They are in the middle of thier new year - you won't hear from anyone prior to March.

Two, After thier holiday, they still won't reply to you in any meaningful way.
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