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m14 said:
im pretty sure that yellow car is either a toy car or a concept car, and if not plz tell me what it is too lol
i talk in paris with the people...they told me that they want to build the modern electric vehicle for european buyers
also for picutres of xinkai..i have all of them..the vehicles was very dirty...some lybian company present them..very bad...landwind was ok...that fejosujang model..heheh whatever...or fashion..i don't know what italians do to him? it's so damn ugly...hover is much nicer..and wingle..i don't know also why they present landwind SUV..becuse that model X6 is also old one..i drive that car in 2005 in august! i hope it's better than x3 model which failed at crash test
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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