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That would be a fun project to work on. I'd analyze every last detail about a car. The gages of steel being used, even the composition of the steel and who it was being bought from. The paint and the current methods of use and application and are there alternatives? Water based paints?

What's the price of stainless steel outer panels vs the price of the current steel being used plus paint? Imagine being able to skip the entire paint process on the assembly line? Don't think it can be done? It has been done:

Suspension: What's the cheapest setup front and back?

Brakes: Same size disc's and calipers front and back? Are drums in the back really cheaper then discs?

Wheels: Stamped steel or cast aluminum? Chrome, paint, or powder coat that steel? Corrosion resistant steel that doesn't need any sort of coating? Polished steel wheels?

Glass: Are certain sizes/shapes cheaper then others?

Dash: This really needs to be looked at more closely. Consider the size and complexity and the resulting expense of the dash in your vehicle. What if it was just functional?

Must all vehicles have front fenders as we know them to be? I think a truck could be designed in such a way to not have them:

Bonus, something different pic:
(VW Bug based, electric dune buggy)

Look at that motor. No maintenance! No oil changes, spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel pump, alternator, water pump, timing belt, exhaust leaks, exhaust system, radiator, coolant changes, belts, hoses. None of that.

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