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Vladimir-S said:
Toyota does not officially sell pickups in Russia! Only their SUVs. Non-chinese pickups, officially imported we have: Mazda, Ford and Mitsubishi. The most popular non-chinese is Mitsubishi L200. Chinese - Great Wall Pickup (as in the small picture with my post above).
Mitsubishi L200 cost more than 25k$ + 2,5k$ for cover of truck (total about 28-30k$). Chinese Great Wall - about 16,5k$ all included.
The SUV on picture, you liked - is Great Wall Safe (or SUV) cost now 18k$ in Russia (23,5k$ was in autumn 2005). It's analog of Toyota Surf/4Runner with #130 body.

So are the Great Wall pickup trucks more popular than other imports. How popular are Zhongxing pickups.
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