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Predictions are coming true. NAC's new owner SAIC is serious about selling Roewe models abroad under established MG brand. In Chile, the company already introduced MG 550 and 750 which are nothing more than Roewe sedans of same name with new badge.
Does that mean that Roewe is coming to Europe also? Time will tell.

MG 550:


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Re: MG 550 and 750

MG Chile renamed both Roewes prior to sales start. Smaller one is now named MG 55, and Roewe 750 is hence known as MG 75.

Prices of MG 55:
* MG 55 1.8i Turbo DeLuxe 13.490.000 pesos (16.314 €/21.601 USD )
* MG 55 1.8i Turbo DeLuxe Aut. 14.490.000 pesos (17.524 €/23.202 USD)

MG 75 costs 15.490.000 pesos (18.741 €/24.814 USD)

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Re: MG 550 and 750

martin_krpan said:
Does that mean that Roewe is coming to Europe also? Time will tell.
If you consider Israel to be in Europe then yes:

"The first two MG cars of Chinese carmaker Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SSE: 600104) (SAIC) have arrived in Israel.

SAIC acquired British carmaker MG Rover in 2005. The cars are for display, technical training, and market testing by SAIC and Peugeot Citroen importer David Lubinski Ltd. One of the cars is the two-seater MGT-F sports car and the other is the MG 550 sedan.

The cars do not yet fully comply with EU-4 or EU-5 emissions standards, so they will probably only be displayed passively, without an Israeli license for travel. European standard-compliant MG cars, which will receive Israeli licenses, are due to arrive in the third or fourth quarter of the year."

Ref: MG 550 in Israel

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Re: MG 550 and 750

chilean journal "La Tercera" made a comparision of the 550 with the 407, Laguna 3 and VW Vento (Jetta) (in spanish)

also, where i'm living now, in the mall there's a MG 550, it's so cool, i can't believie that is chinese

Now, the "Grand Deluxe" package has recently arrived, it's equiped with Bluetooth, DVD, sat-nav an a lot of components more

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Re: MG 550 and 750

there's no winner, but they say every good point of every car

Although it has ceded much of their sales to the now popular SUV is fairly consistent view that any type of vehicle is over the medium and large sedans in quality management.

May not have the versatility of a sport utilities, the interior space of a minivan or a sports hatchback, a sedan, but is itself a package with the best qualities of each car. Surpassed by his walking off a dynamic and secure, and hatch in interior space and cargo capacity, and dynamism in a minivan and aesthetics.

Now, if this is more than a D-segment sedan, which is medium / large cars that we are facing further highlighted by its large interior space and comfort, high level of equipment, excellent mechanics and a very acceptable level of security. However, all this is paid.

To understand why people have stopped buying these sedans, we took four of them and compare the Autódromo Pacific Sport, located in Altos de San Juan (San Antonio). The models chosen are the "veterans" Peugeot 407 and Volkswagen Vento, and the new Renault Laguna and MG 550.

All are in the same size range (4.6 meters long and 2.7 meters between the axles), mechanical (engines between 1.8 and 2.5 liters), equipment and price. The Vento is the cheapest ($ 13,990,000 for its top line), also the smallest of the four (nearly 20 cm less than battle), but whoever has the best trunk (536 liters). It is manufactured in Mexico on the platform of the VW Golf IV, from where it was exported all over the world under the name Jetta.

It is followed by the Laguna, the newest generation of the brand's flagship sedan, which costs $ 14,190,000 in the version tested. Is the longest of the four (4,695 mm) and has more space between the axles, but it is the only one who does not have an automatic version available with engines of entry, which in this segment is a sin.

The Peugeot 407 is $ 14,700,000. Although it received minor aesthetic touches in late 2008, remains the same attractive sedan ever. It is slightly smaller than the lagoon, has 143 horsepower and its level of equipment is good.

The most striking in its design is the new MG 550, and is also the most expensive, but it is the Grand Deluxe ($ 15,990,000). A car is the same size sedans French, developed and designed in England and assembled in Shanghai, which is remarkable for its beauty, elegance and comfort.

Security, all disc brakes come with ABS and electronic brake assistance, at least four airbags (six in the case of 407 and Laguna), anchors for child seats and traction control and stability. Comfort, sound systems come with multiple speakers, electric mirrors and alzavidrios the four doors, central locking with remote control, adjustable steering wheel height and depth, two-zone air conditioning, sensor lights, tires and neblineros.

With leather belt is the only MG and Volkswagen nor Laguna Vento nor bring cruise control, parking sensor has the 407 and 550 (this one with a camera), use the button from Laguna and MG, and Sunroof incorporates the MG 550 and the VW Vento. Regarding tires, tires are all 16 except GM, which uses 17.

And beyond their differences in touch, style and sportsmanship, all offer excellent walking and city road and plenty of space inside.


It is the smallest of the group. It measures about the same as the rest, but has 20 fewer inches between the axles, which affects their living spaces in the rear. Still, with the best of luggage and a good load capacity.

What's surprising is Volkswagen Vento dynamic unsuspected if not proof, because they do not look sporty. On the contrary, seen as the more traditional sedans and its splendid interior is the least of all.

The key is the sum between a powerful engine (a five-cylinder 2.5 liters with 150 hp) and a special six-speed automatic box, which is more than sport mode and use tiptronic. This is the brain that enabled the fly Vento Pacific Sport and timed to mark the best acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h (10.48 seconds).

The box is everything. Rises rapidly up the changes happening in milliseconds and so well staged, Vento can handle at its best is always where all its power and torque. This can take the curves without ever dropping the needle.

The failure of the car is that all this power is not so easy to carry, since it has a clear problem of understeer, which requires lifting the foot from the accelerator to not finish off the track. Is not a problem of leadership, because the sale is clearly the best doubles of all, but a go at high speed.

The suspension is good, half hard, half comfortable, and therefore, the least tolerate the bumps and the brakes are good, but you have to put your foot to the bottom or take longer to stop the car. In fact, we need to stop in 21.6 meters from 80 km / h, much to their size.


Leads the market in five years and continues to be visually appealing, with its characteristic style afelinado, its elongated snout and slender figure.

The Peugeot 407 is one of the leaders in the segment, primarily due to the good feeling of comfort it provides to occupants, particularly by sure-footed and strong.

Already on the road feels firm on the floor, soundproof and very pleasantly dynamic. In the circuit is even better, as it far exceeds the rest of the cars in balance.

This means that regardless of the speed at which you turn, it is a world out of its line, noting that his great strength is in the maturity of its chassis, low center of gravity and it is neutral in the allocation of weights despite its large front overhang.

Now, it looks for the least engine, although much of the blame goes to the four-speed automatic box, which is clearly inefficient to exploit the power of the bloc as their relationship and connection between jumps. In the test, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, it took 14.5 seconds, well above the other competitors, mainly because of the lack of more marches and faster steps.

The direction is assisted, which slows the reactions, but makes it unique for the street. The suspension, meanwhile, is more focused on comfort in sport, but there are no very marked inclination of the body or pitching when braking. Maintains good cornering, but the chair could have more restraint.

The best, of course, is transmitting the safety, including an exceptional braking capacity. This was the best of the bunch, taking in 19.1 meters to stop from 80 to 0 km / h.


The third generation Renault Laguna arrived in Chile in 2008 and confirmed in this test how well it works mark the sportsmanship of their cars. Not for nothing have won the Formula One

Isn't the most beauty, because it wins the MG, not the most sports, because it overcomes the Volkswagen, and it is not the most balanced, because it dominates the Peugeot. But it has a little bit of everything. Is the most complete.

Inside, fit four people and has the bonus that brings five doors. The interior is not luxurious, but it looks good.

Point against the size of your suitcase and the lack of equipment, such as the glass roof, cruise control and parking sensor. Against another is that if you want to opt for an automatic cash you have to pay for the turbo version 2.0, because there is only mechanical input.

The engine of the version tested did not seem to offer an exciting drive, but much faster, pushed by the cash machine, with its six gears expresed block. Thus, the Laguna was the 0 to 100 km / h in 11.1 seconds, just over the Vento. The problem is that the cutting of the injection is very low, only 6500 rounds.

Its dynamic behavior is also very good, fairly neutral and safe. This states that a suspension help the car in cornering without tipping the body, and not traded comfort in the city.

The quick steering response and transmits much feeling to the driver and the braking system is as efficient as the 407 was stopped at 19.15 meters, a shareholder in the intermittent step for safety.


Although they were tested in a circuit, none of these cars was developed to run. The most common symptom is that of MG, a brand that always distinguished from his cousin Rover being the most disheveled and sports. However, in this new era, has endeavored to be more elegant and comfortable dynamic.

Despite being equipped with the single turbo engine (1.8 and 157 hp), the 550 was very inadequacies on the track. Eye, the car accelerates much, your turbo that turns lights on 2000, but their product looks little configuration. The address is sobreasistida and lose touch, the suspension is soft and makes the auto load in the curves, losing momentum in passing, the brakes slow, but they tend to fatigue, and five-speed automatic box, despite having sport mode and be very smooth, fast is not what it takes to run.

However, when the 550 goes back to the MG Road and the city, their true essence of most premium car. The location is perfect to move through the crowded streets, the suspension hang around without hitting, completely isolating the passenger compartment, the brakes stop the car, and the box becomes imperceptible pleasantly in his footsteps. In general terms, his walk in the city skate glory.

If this was added a fierce and design a carrier with an atmosphere very successful, you have a car that is worth much. Buts some point to the interior plastics are not up to the windows were not efficiently isolated and a generous boot, but with a small space of load.

550 Range: Starting at US$ 19,330/17,128€ to US$25,660/22,840€
Vento Range: Starting at US$17,656/15,714€ to US$22,455/19,985€
407 Range: Starting at US$23,595/21,000€ to US$26805/23,857€
Laguna Range: Starting at US$19,245/17,128€ to US$25,505/22,700€
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