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MG visit the Nanjing Automobile Exhibition 2006

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Well I've been waiting for some pictures of the cars before posting this but there is a problem:

At the Ferrari stand you can easily see the cars:

At the Bentley stand they are partly hidden:

But at the MG stand ... there is a car in their somewhere:

I think MG is going to be popular in China!

From the Nanjing Daily:

"the annual international auto exhibition opened in Nanjing, 48,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 70 exhibitors brands, more than 300 vehicles were screened for the public holidays in a place. A six-day car show to end on October 7.

Local automobile factory door would not miss the car show. Nanjing Automobile who built a prominent position in the exhibition hall MG octagonal shaped booth, the octagonal-shaped logo with the same brand, and luxury cars from the United Kingdom MG7 TF roadster attract viewers. MG Booth was the most popular one, with a camera to take pictures of the audience. Nanjing MG new cars will be launched early next year."
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A couple more pictures:

And the photographer managed to squeese in:
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Thanks Erik - I didn't think of checking the English language news! :eek:

There are more photos of the other makes on the official site -
Mg At The Nanjing Exhibition

windy, four cars were exposed by Nanqi:
a blue MG 7
a silver MG 7
a golden MG TF
a yellow MG TF
See also:
mg 7 again

This is also funny, these are recents photos (Sept. 26) from Nanjing:
You will notice that the blue car still has the Rover name on the rear!
Yes, I had already seen that set, the car was built in the UK by MG-Rover and the space for the badge is designed for a Rover badge not the MG octagon! In the picture of the MG7 on the wall ( it shows a different size/shape of badge, they will have to redesign the rear a little too. Or maybe it will be a big change - we will have to wait to see.
Good to see Mg back on shows.
Me is very happy.
Disappointing to see so much undisguised Longbridge metal on display from NAC-MG though, especially in light of the progress SAIC have made with their interpretation of the 75 platform.
Somebody can show me advances in the mg car production here in the oklahoma plant
Hello Aldous, welcome to ChinaCarForums. :)

I don't think there is an Oklahoma plant yet! :confused:

Are you are from Oklahoma? If you are then you may recognise some of your goverment people visiting the MG factory in Nanjing:

"State of Oklahoma Department of Commerce President and Director Amy Barry, Oklahoma City Chamber of the United States President and CEO Roy Edemo American Urban Development, the China Investment Company Limited formed a business delegation to visit Nanjing Auto. Yu Jianwei (General Manager) and Wang Hong Biao (vice president) had friendly talks on cooperation in matters of mutual interest.

American guests watched MG prototype vehicle.

(Translated from
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