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MG7 1.8T engine details?

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Is the MG7 1.8T throttle control fly by wire or cable operated??

Was the engine built to meet EU4 specs?

I was also wondering does anyone know which ECU was used for the engine and do they use Testbook diagnostics?

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The first MG7 1.8T was a cable operated N Series engine but they now use the SAIC Kavachi version of the engine which is fly by wire. I think there are both EU3 and EU4 versions available depending on where they are sold. (Beijing needs EU4.) Same ECU as before but upgraded to EU4 spec and there is an upgraded Testbook to go with it.
Any idea where I could get a used EU4 fly by wire ECU.

I think it's a Siemens unit.

Most of the google hits come up in Chinese.

The V6 uses a Siemens unit, the 4 cylinder uses a Motorola MEMS ECU.

The UK MGs, although EU4, are all cable operated so you are restricted to China and Chile at present.

The Chile MG550 will be fly by wire but may be EU3, not sure.

There are not going to be many used ones available, the Chinese repair all their cars when they crash them!
The MG 7 comes in two trim levels: 'Classic' which features a slatted grille, and 'Sport' with a mesh grille. This is with N-Series with stronger head gaskets,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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