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Is there any Chinese company that HASN'T built that car?
Fully well understanding that that was a rhetorical question, I would still answer: Yes, lots! (I am assuming "that car" refers to the Kia Sorento, and not any Land Rover model, owing to the grille)

From an earlier post of mine in the Kawei thread:

"Kawei subsidiary Jiangsu Zhongxin Transportation Equipment Co. claims that it has been the body supplier to Huanghai, Brilliance, GAC GONOW, Tianma, Dongfeng, so that likely explains the commonality of the "Kia Sorento" type body of their respective vehicles i.e. Landscape/Qisheng F1, Jinbei S50, Saboo/Aoosed G3, Tianma Hero, Tuyi V20, as well as their own JNQ6460E2."

Till now, those are the only 6 vehicles that have sported the said body, of which 3 (F1, G3, Hero) are no longer offered in the market except for maybe old stocks here and there, one (V20) never went beyond experimental production, production of one (S50) ended in 2012 but resumed with a few units made this May, and one (JNQ6460E3 or W1) is about to enter the market. So that makes 2 vehicles in current production.

If there are any others I have missed, please feel free to point out. The Jiangnan Chunzhou SUV is the Kawei W1.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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