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Mini car wars.......

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I thought this would be a good link to post here..............

I know, we talk about mini cars all the time here - I thought it was very interesting that mini cars are finally getting their deserved popularity......IN AMERICA!!:lol: It's also worth noting that we already have several of these - namely the Mazda 2 and the Ford Fiesta. The NEW Spark is being shown at the Beijing auto show as we 'speak', and if Geely gives us it's way cool IG, we can do without the Scion I think (besides, the IG has gull wing doors - where else can you find that????). The only thing we need here?? The Juke - and it's 180 horsepower!!!!!:mygod: It would be pricey here as it would need to be imported (well over 200,000rmb I think) - but WOW - imagine driving THAT over here??

It's great that America is FINALLY waking up to the advantages (AND the fun) of a small/mini car, and this is just the beginning - more will be on the way. The Fiat 500 should be there soon (come on Fiat, we need that here too), I'm sure Honda has something up their sleeves, and what about the Hyundai Getz or i10? Maybe the Toyota Aygo? LOTS of choices if the manufacturers decide to really go for it - IT'S ABOUT TIME.
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jmsteiny-soon Mitsubishi will release their i-MiEV in the United States, too. A range of 100 miles and that famous Mitsubishi engineering.

The car will initially cost $32,000 in the U.S.(after the Fed's kick in their $7,500 rebate, which, BTW, is available right now), but, Mitsubishi has announced that by the year 2013 the car will sell in the U.S. for only $22,000. Without the $7,500 rebate. Sweet!

  • That puts the car in competition with another Mitsu product due out in the year 2013, the Lancer GTS Hybrid. I'm so glad Mitsubishi has picked the Lancer GTS to do up for a Hybrid model, because that is the car I drive now in ICE form and love.
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I think Ford will sell its Fiesta in China too, it's a huge success in Europe, but I shall say it's not that small. Cars have been getting bigger and bigger these past years, many people just don't need something really large.

Today's Fiesta is larger than a Volkswagen Golf from 30 years ago. And today's Fiat 500 is way larger than the original. Fiat is working on a smaller model.
Uh............Ford ALREADY sells the new Fiesta in China, it's been here for almost a year - in fact it's DEBUT was in China. are right when it comes to size, it really isn't that small. I think it's included in the Yahoo report because of the fact it has a 1.3l engine - that's SMALL for America. Over here it is DEFINITELY not a mini car, it competes with the Fit/Polo crowd. I think the new Spark (the Beat concept) is just wonderful, it is at the Beijing show and should be introduced here later this year then America in 2011.

One car I forgot about - the Ford Ka. It could fit nicely under the Fiesta price range for both America AND China, and could compete with the Scion and Spark I think in America (over here it could compete with the Suzuki Alto, Spark and Chevy Sail). Great little car, but they only sell it in Latin America and Europe.....come on Ford, what's up with that???:nono: America AND China need this car too, so quit holding out on us!!:lol:
jmsteiny-indeed Ford announced about a month ago that they are strongly considering bringing the Ford Ka to the States. In fact, I think they said they are bringing it. I would think that would require a new production line or two made available in the States to produce it. Or they'll take its NA production to Mexico alongside Fusion production.

Stay tuned. It's time for Ford to come up with a freshie on the Ka any week now. I'll bring the information here, no prob.
Hum, OK, the Fiesta is on sale in China. I'm not very aware of what is or is not on sale in China. I know Ford is making a new version of the old Fiesta for Asia, it's called the Figo, and I thought it was the only small Ford in China.

About the Ka, the current one is made in Poland, in a factory that belongs to Fiat, with the 500 and the Panda also being built there. I don't think it would be wise (financially) to export that car to the US. To get the Ka built in Mexico would be nice, but this would take at least 2 years.
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