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Jinan fall EV show: Lichi Furui

The Lichi Furui (福瑞) is an updated and facelifted version of the Fulu Xirui featured earlier in this thread.

Although Lichi has been part of the Fulu group, the company is now being acquired by the Loncin group, one of China's major motorcycle manufacturers and exporters.

Furui specs:

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering wheel

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Jinan fall EV show: Byvin and Boloda

Byvin group launched a new brand, Boloda (宝路达), which consists of rebadged versions of its existing models: the M3 XiaoMai is renamed B100, the M6 DaMai is the DS5, and the Levdeo V60 is the DS6.

Boloda DS6:

More info on Boloda:


Byvin M7: a rebadged version of the Levdeo D70

Byvin M6 DaMai

Wheel Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Car
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Article on Byvin M6:

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Jinan fall EV show: Rainchst Lei Jun V8, Lichi E9

Lei Jun V8 - a development of the now very common L3, trying to mimic a crossover with a Jeep-type front clip and running boards.


Vehicle Car Gear shift Speedometer Motor vehicle


Lichi E9 (not new) was present too:


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Jinan fall EV show: Durabl Xinrui FS, Zhongxin E6

Durabl Xinrui FS (seen previously)


Zhongxin E6 (rebadged Levdeo D50) by Weifang Zhongxin New Energy Vehicle Co. Ltd. (site)

(Interestingly, sister brand Wanwei showed an EV version of the Cowin C3, also called the E6, back in March.)

General sources: (7 pages)

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Dushi Cheye Baoma A600

There are several LSEVs in China which sport a BMW-like grille but bear no resemblance otherwise to the actual cars, yet here is a new model which goes the whole hog by mimicking the lines of the F20 1-Series, although not proportions.

This is actually one of those multitudes of anonymous cars, which are available from various sellers under all sorts of names and badges.

Shandong Beifang City Car Co. Ltd. is a pretty prolific assembler of such anonymous models (its Xuanli was featured in this thread last year), selling LSEVs under the "Dushi Cheye" badge, so I have gone with its nomenclature in the title. Other names encountered till now for this LSEV are: Zhongxin E3, Meiyang Xunchi, Zhongtu Baoma X1, Baoma X5, Dima, Yaolong!

Dimensions: L/W/H ~ 3.35 x 1.52 x 1.55 m
Wheelbase: 2.2 m
Unladen weight: ~ 760 kg
Motor: 3.5 kW
Max. speed: 40-50 km/h

Links to galleries (lots more pics):

Exterior (99 items on Flickr)
Interior (30 items on Flickr)

All above images from: (various pages)

Official web page:

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Yogomo E330 (YGM6350BEV) 22 kW

Yogomo has developed an upgraded version of the E330 powered by a 22 kW motor, which is capable of 100 km/h meeting 2016 NEV norms and has been granted type approval by NDRC. So another LSEV makes the transition.



Micro-truck based on the E330. This is a gasoline-powered vehicle with a 998 cc 48-50 kW (64-67 hp) engine.


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The five-ringed "Aodi" (Haicoo A6 etc.)

An 'interesting' minicar which cropped up a couple of months ago. Yet another anonymous, name-it-as-you-like model, this is found on trade sites sometimes simply described as "Aodi".

Haicoo (Wucheng Haike Vehicle Industry Co. Ltd.), an LSEV seller of some standing, calls it the A6. Also found with badges such as Jingpu Aodi Q3, Zhongtu Aodi. The five rings are not indicative (i.e. logo) of any particular seller though.

Basic specs:
L/W/H: 3.3 x 1.55 x 1.6 m
Wheelbase: 2.2 m; track: 1.22 m
Motor: 3.5-4 kW/60V
Range: 80-120 km
Speed: 45-55 km/h
Weight: 680-750 kg



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Some Shandong industrial stats published

Production of LSEVs in Shandong* province was 224,700 for the first nine months, and 27772 in September alone, compared to 24001 in August.

The biggest 3 makers are (production 1/15-9/15):

Shifeng (71600)
Levdeo (50400)
Fulu (20800)

The above three plus T-King and Baoya round out the five largest manufacturers.

*probably relating to members of the Shandong Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

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Levdeo S50 (new)

Levdeo launched a new car, the S50, on October 17 in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Prices: RMB 39800-49800.

The S50 is a high-riding hatchback with "crossover" looks, based on the D70 with the front and rear completely redesigned. The car features a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system and is provided with a "U-Cari" branded remote control system capable of some in-car functions like cabin settings/adjustments, diagnostics, and charging.

Electric motor is 7.5 kW/60-72V. Max speed ~ 70 km/h.
A 13 kW lithium battery-powered version and a hybrid model, with range-extender engine, are planned.

Spec sheet:

Rectangle Font Parallel Number Pattern


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I have a question.

¿someone know how to buy a chinesse electric car and not be scammed in the process?

I want to buy with "greenauto" from alibaba but in that page i cant find suppliers that accept ESCROW only wire transfer.

someone have ben scammed by a "company" like that?

Thanks 4 all see ya

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Ruitong "Sonata 9"/Hongyuan T8

New 3.35-m long LSEV with the (probably copied) body of the Lichi E9 (but having different front and rear bumpers) and the front end being "inspired" by the new Hyundai Sonata. Power is 3-4 kW.

Gallery link

For reference, Lichi E9 gallery (new)

Image sources:

Taobao 1
Taobao 2

P.S: Martin, can you please report if the Flickr galleries are viewable? I have recently changed some of the view/access permissions. Thanks.
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