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Mini EVs in China

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Recently, Erik of cmvdc and I had some e-mail discussion about the small low-power electric vehicles (not the golf carts, but those four-wheelers which actually look like cars). Examples are Fulu, Yogomo. Erik and I agreed that there was scant information about these vehicles (only very few manufacturers are well known), so I decided to create this thread to invite responses from CCF members knowledgeable in this field. One can also provide links to specific threads in this forum itself where a certain vehicle or maker has featured. Also info on the makers themselves like estimated turnover or production capacity/volumes can be shared so one has an idea on the size and scope of this largely ignored sector. I acknowledge that such vehicles often don't have standard designs or specifications and are often cobbled together from different parts and panels. Nevertheless, any information is good information. Pictures can also be submitted for identification, etc.

I would also like to include those cars with small displacement gas engines (like 300-400cc) within the scope of this discussion.

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Coradir Automotores "Tito" (Argentina)

Today Sunshine M1 to be introduced by local businessman in Argentina. All information in the article:

Salient points:
* Production and positioning: It will be produced in San Luis, will generate 40 jobs and will go on sale at the end of the year. It will have a sale price of 10 thousand dollars or 720 thousand pesos. It will compete against the Cordovan Volt Motors, which costs twice as much and is already being bought by government agencies.

* Batteries and benefits: Juan Manuel Baretto, president of Coradir, reported that the batteries are being developed in alliance with the Argentine company Probattery. With lead-acid batteries it declares a range of 100 kilometers and a maximum speed of 65 km / h. The battery recharge time is eight hours. It has capacity for four passengers. With lithium batteries that autonomy can be "tripled".

* Design and bodywork: The design was taken from an existing Chinese product. The vehicle parts would be imported from China and the assembly would be done in San Luis. For later, they promise to produce the body parts in kevlar and aluminum material, with the support of a Munro (Buenos Aires) autopartist.


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Pocco & Yogomo @ 2020 Jinan EV Show

Pocco, now functioning under "Gongdian Auto" (共电汽车), a new business unit of Huandian Technology Development Co., Ltd. which is a subsidiary of Yogomo, showed EVs created on three new platforms.

The Pocco 210 (a.k.a. Yogomo Cupo) is based on the BX platform. A variant of this car, BX100, is enabled with battery swap technology and caries a portable battery pack.

Two other prototypes are based on the QV and LV platforms.


Yogomo displayed Tuyue, Tujun, Cupo and XiaoMaju models:


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Boloda Qijun @ 2020 Jinan EV Show

Boloda Qijun (骐骏), a new product based on the Baojun.
Dimensions: 3405 x 1500 x 1570 mm; wheelbase: 2297 mm.
No information on power, battery, or range.


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Re: Yogomo post above

So following the Link Tour sub-brand debacle, and the apparent cooling of the Great Wall tie-up, it looks like Yogomo is back to the size vehicles it can handle.
You can order LSEVs through in fair quantities (use the search term "electric automobile adult" and Supplier Location: China), they have a good collection of Levdeos, Lansels and Lichis right now, but be aware of the transaction risks. For the purpose you have stated, you can look at the modern Mokes as well. Remember, large products once delivered cannot be returned. Also find out about customs rules in your country, the taxes to be paid, the kind of permits required to import and operate these kinds of vehicle in the public space (if there are any such permits), local laws of the municipio, the electricity charging infrastructure in the area, and above all, how to service the vehicles if anything goes wrong, and where to get spare parts since there would be no official distributor (although in EVs, fewer parts go wrong than in conventional vehicles)

In general, irrespective of the merits/demerits of the cars themselves, I would discourage importing new brands in the absence of an official distributor (also, they often shut themselves down if sales are not too strong).

Have you looked at Sero Electric from your own country? Here is a recent article. I admit they are not very pretty to look at :), neither do they have 4-seater versions.

You may talk to Bajaj Argentina to see if they can import the Qute for you (a non-electric export-only model).


Also, for recreational purposes, you can consider these French vehicles:
Little 4
Bee Bee XS
Mehari-Loisirs E-Story (article, link)

You may have to contact the companies directly to negotiate, and these vehicles will be a bit more expensive, as would be the Citroen E-Mehari or Bollore Bluesummer.

(I mention these French vehicles as suggestions to forum members/visitors from Europe who may have similar ideas as our friend's friend here)
anything from india?
Henrey Xiaohu

Henrey homepage:
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Linzda M3 video review:

About Linzda:

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Lingzhida's English website has apparently been hacked.
Its staff appears to offer poultry as well as mini EVs.
Try this website, in Chinese: 浙江灵之达车业有限公司
Btw, now located in Zhejiang Province, didn't this company begin life in Fuzhou Province some years ago?
Qilu costin EC1
【图】造型犀利灵巧 奇鲁costin EC1申报图_汽车之家 (


Costin EC1, is jointly developed by Chery New Energy and Qilu Automobile. Qilu is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the local government of Shandong province. Chery manufactures Costin EC1 (Chinese name is Qilu) in its Shandong plant.
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Following this post for information and I known that future is bright for Electric Cars / Vehicles.
Jinlin Meili 2057:
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Vehicle Gear shift Motor vehicle Automotive design

Wuzheng Yuyan 1500:
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Automotive mirror

Fulidai Red Panda:
Vehicle Land vehicle Car Wheel Tire

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering wheel

Xinlonghai 2300:
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

Automotive design Red Gas Helmet Retail

Fire extinguisher Red Gas Drink Font

Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Window Steering wheel

Xinlonghai 2300:
Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Vehicle

Xinlonghai Double Door:
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle
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