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Shandong Dayang E-Bike
Full name: Shandong Dayang SDDY DY-102 E-Bike closed electric tricycle (山东大阳 SDDY DY-102 E-Bike 全封闭电动三轮车)
Motor: 350 w
Range: 45 km
Price: 4800 yuan (760 USD)
Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Nissan cube Car Tire Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

Spotted in China: Shandong Dayang E-Bike -

Lingbao F01 spied:
Car Sky Cloud Vehicle Tire


Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

If anyone can identify the model, that would be great. It says something on the door that I cannot read (a mix of English and Chinese), except for the YORLON part, which I assume is the brand name. I have never heard of this company, nothing comes up in a Google search, and the Autohome source only shows a picture with no mention in the text.

【图】煮酒论车丨如何看待MINI EV扎堆现象?_汽车之家

Letin Two-door mini electric car:
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

【图】两门微型电动车 曝雷丁新车型设计草图_汽车之家

2022 Lingbao Box:
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Vehicle registration plate

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Plant

【图】续航提升 2022款凌宝BOX实车正式发布_汽车之家

Letin Mengo police car:
Car Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Wheel

High speed chase! _电动汽车网
641 - 660 of 739 Posts