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know Mitsu holds about 14% stake in changfeng

YAY MITSUBISHI. i know Mitsu holds about 14% stake in changfeng, and that the pajero has to names and brands in china. i think they should increase their stake in chang feng, and in the chineese market in general. i think the amount of time and money wast..i mean spent on the US market should be reconsidered. i know they need the extra capital, but business that make it big take advantage of markets that had potential from they were small.

Toyota took the import market (honda too,.although their name doesnt make headlines like it used to) the market had potential,...and the entrepreneurs over in japan 'pounced' on the opportunity.

i personaly dont know what it takes to run a car company, but i would like to see mitsu break out of the net thay have caught themselves in, and break free. their problem, ive said time and time before is that people dont want a galant, not because they dont like it, nor because its a bad vehicle, but because for similar money thay can get camry or clearly u can market your cars DIRECTLY against them,...unless ur gm or ford and billions are at stake and/or have been lost.

in conclusion, i say this is a move in the right direction and although its too little...its not too late.....yet
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