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hi, so far there are 3 mods on ccf including me,

ash and axle and i have admin abilities


this board is growing fast and by the time one of these chinese cars hits EU/UK/US/NA etc...this board will be pretty full..

so just wondering who would like to be a mod...1 am looking for 1-2 more depending on whos interested, i will mostly pick based on this persons interest in chinese cars, and their post count.


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Admin said:
lol why is it that australians are so enthusiastic? about moderating, or chinese cars for that matter :)
Were are friendly bunch & we like top jobs :thumb:

As for Chinese cars I've became addicted to them thanks to VW & CCF :nod:

I want to see them succeed, am looking forward to 2008 when 1st Official Fully Chinese cars come here :circle:
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