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mehran167 said:
Farzad Jan,

Unfortunately I have no photos from the factory that shows the production line, but I have the following information for you:

  • The factory is based on the same Matiz produciotn line which was in line before
  • They use spot wleding for joining different parts of the body
  • There is no TOTALLY imported cars
  • Yes, they are still producing QQ.
  • The car assembly quality is one of the best in Iran, I believe
  • I can ask for some photos from some of the friends, If found, I'll put them here for you
Just wanted to get some information about Kerman Khodro,
1)Is this the company producing VW Gol. is the partnership 50-50 between Kerman Khudro and VW
2) Did they build a new plant or new assembly line for VW Gol.
3) How Much VW Gol cost, Does it have only 1.6 litre engine ?
4) How can I arrange to visit the plant.
6) Can you give any plant contact detail?
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