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$400 million bought the whole of Saab.

$90 million buys only 24%??? of a company that has racked up unpaid bills said to be around 100 million euros with its suppliers to the point that they stopped providing parts?

It also gives Saab 50% of a JV?

Mr Pang Qinghua is either Santa Claus or a moron.

Or maybe he's a very connected person who gets loans easily and cheaply from bank employees who have no issues with losing other people's savings.

Saab does NOT have technology! Their powertrains/drivetrains are supplied from Opel or Holden or other divisions of GM. Their chassis... same thing. GM holds the rights.

They only have artists that dream and draw a bit. They are better suited to the furniture or jewellery business.

Mr. Pang Qinghua, please stick to car distribution. Expand into the USA if you want but stick to what you're doing well. Definitely don't get started into a field that is overcrowded and mostly unprofitable but kept afloat with cheap loans and provincial corruption.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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