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My Alfa Romeo's

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Hi guys,

It's about time to present to you my rides.

Alfa Romeo 155 1.8 TS 8v S.
Year: 1996.
Color: 601 Nero (Black).

Alfa Romeo GTV6 2.5
Year: 1985
Color: 907 Nero Metalizzato (Black Metallic).

Ciao, Arjan.
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Nice :thumb:
Always loved the 155 from when the race in DTM.
Heheh...the good old days of the original DTM.
I still remember the battles between the cars, more exiting then the current DTM.:rolleyes:
But i stil enjoy seeing the 156 drive in the WTCC.
Since DTM 'm a Alfa Fan.
If i'm not mistaken,next year its a factory team again with a new car
Same here, nice fights with those BMW's. ;)
They will come back to the WTCC eith an oficial team, as far as i know with the 159.
The Brera is also an option, but it doesn't really suit the WTCC name as it is a coupé.
I guess it's a rumour.
Still remember the GT JTD in racetrim, i haven't heard anything of it again.
About the diesels in WTCC, didn't read anything about it on

Oh well....we'll see what happens.
I know one thing that is a fact, the GM-based engines will be abandoned within a few years.
GTV looks great, don't see many these days. Guess you had to get at them early and rust protect + look after it well?

same story with the British classic cars.
Thanks fightingtorque.

She's fully protected, i don't care how much it costs to keep her in top-shape.
And i look after her very well indeed.

Indeed, but that's the best part of having such a hobby.
You always find something that has to improve.
Quote from the movie Dirty Dancing:

"Alfa Romeo? That's my favorite car!"
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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