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My GR8 China Trip (Part 3)

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A chinese brand FOTON digging truck (or what ever you call it). First time i went to china (6 years ago) the people in china dont have these heavy equipment now this FOTON brand of heavy machines are everywhere.

another photo of the digging truck

alot of FAW trucks on a truck on a truck on a truck ..... lol (notice the truck on the truck has only one wheel in the front??)
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some chinese brand motor oil i saw in the gas station.

whatever this means??

a Geely, i heard that this car brand new is less than 20K rmb's
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alot of these chinese brand bikes everywhere. none in big cities like beijing though

one of my favorite chinese vehicals, the Hover, behind a perfect sandy beach.
(noticed the beer flag in the back?) my favorite beer from china SNOW taste pretty good.!!
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now to finish it off

i was stunned when i saw this car at night. looks so nice, i thought batman was here (the batman logo shape like grill stuff). Zhonghuaaaaaaaaaa

sorry it took me so long to go from part 2 to part 3, but i will try to post my pictures at least once a week from now on.

i decided to leave this post not as car related too much just to be different.

please leave more comments and tell me what you think, it kinda motivates me more to get my ass to my computer and post more pictures :)
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