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Its a 2013 Landwind CV9. I bought it in the Netherlands but Iam living in Berlin. Maybe the only Landwind CV9 in Berlin:lol::thumb:
2013 was the last Year in Germany to get License.

Has 1.6 liter 16V Engine 97 HP and a short 5 speed Gearbox.
Good for Acceleration bad on Highways.(very Noisy)

Now I have 10000KM and made the first service for myself.
Oil and Filters.
There arent any Landwind Dealer near Berlin.
For Spareparts I have Landwind Netherlands where I order.

The fuel consuption is about 7-8L but if the Gearbox where longer it would be less.

The Car has much space and 7 seats really good for Families.


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