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Thanks to Andy on for originally posting this:

1 – Nanjing MG’s MG-7 takes the top prize at the close of the Shanghai Automobile Show

The MG-7 was officially the star of the show, the award comes as a result of 620,000 public votes for the most spectacular / influential car.


2 - British reporters visit new MG factory

A number of British press reporters have visited the new MG factory at Nanjing Pukou and all have given good reviews of both the factory and the new Chinese specification MG-7.

The reporters included:
Ken Gibson (The Sun) - Article,
Jason Barlow (Top Gear Magazine),
Andrew English (The Telegraph/Autoexpress) - Article,
Steve Cropley (Autocar) - Article.
Ken Gibson: "Anyone who questions the ability of Nanjing — a relatively small scale Chinese manufacturer that previously specialised in making trucks — should have been with me when I visited the factory. It is as impressive as any I’ve seen — a frightening message of the intent to become a global player."

Andrew English: "The engine is certainly quiet, and with 148bhp and 215Nm of torque, the 1.8T quickly makes a credible case for itself, blending brisk acceleration with the cruising economy of a turbo"

Steve Cropley: "It’s several years since I’ve driven a four-cylinder MG ZT, but this car seems notably quieter. The restored NVH pack helps, but the car’s inherent mechanical refinement, always one of its best characteristics, still compares well with class leaders."

Source: The Big Boys are in Town! By Paul Stowe

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Reference back to "Lot of Chinese News, Part 3": page 8

P.S. Sorry for the rather late news, there hasn't really been new news from China this week.
Massive thanks to Windy for complying the news.
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