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Outlaws on the highway

Windy said:
I didn't know NAC made trucks this size!
Yes Windy, thats what made the Iveco/Fiat - Yuejin/NAC JV seem like such a good marriage in the beginning.....

CCT said:
Things are flying all over China with dangerously heavy loads!
You are right about that CCT!
These photos show the danger that the smaller passenger cars face when they want to pass a truck on the road. Can you imagine a load like the one in these photos, coming down on a minicar with a family of five out for a Sunday drive.
But finally the authorities are beginning to go after these lawbreakers because resurfacing the damaged surface of the righthand lanes is getting expensive. Even the foreign investors in the tollroads lose money because of these guys.
As you said, and as I tell my kids, it's best to just keep your distance from these outlaw trucks......


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