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Nanjing MG are heading for Detroit

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They wont be the first Chinese auto company to visit, but this time, with SAIC and the Chinese government behind and pushing them we should expect some results... :nod:

Nanjing Delegation Leader Signs Letter of Intent With the Detroit International Auto Salon

Wed Apr 1, 2009

DIAS Holding, Inc. announced that the Nanjing Nanqi Import
& Export Company, Ltd. of Nanjing, China has signed a letter of intent to
exhibit at the Detroit International Auto Salon (DIAS) during their
delegation visit earlier in March.

"Our company has been looking for a platform in the famous auto city of Detroit.
Now, I believe we found the entry point into North America,"
stated Ms. Xiao-ying Zhang, company president and delegation leader. During the course of this Shandong province delegation's visit they were excited to see the numerous companies from Asia already displayed at the exhibition facility.

"We are excited to have this prominent Chinese company join the many
exhibitors from Asia at our auto salon,"

stated Michael Wesney, President of DIAS.
"We look forward to a strong collaborative relationship and displaying their products and capabilities here at DIAS."

The delegation consisted of representatives of various departments from
Nanjing's most renowned automotive company, the Nanjing Automotive Company
(NAC), owner and producer of the MG Rover brand.

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