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Nanjing Xugong Automobile (XCMG)

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As a leader in Chinese construction machinery industry and a national hi-tech enterprise, XCMG has presently been ranked 15th in the world’s construction machinery industry, 151st in China Top 500, and 73rd in China’s manufacturing industry. It also possesses state-level technology center and post-doctoral mobile workstations. With the most complete product varieties and series, XCMG is the most competitive and the most influential large-sized enterprise group in China’s construction machinery industry. “XCMG” is also the first “Famous Trademark of China” in the industry.

Located in the picturesque Yuhuatai District of Nanjing City, Nanjing Xugong Automobile Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) is a heavy-duty truck manufacturing enterprise held by XCMG through assets reorganization and equity merger. Covering an area of 630 mu and with the registered capital of RMB 450 million, the Company now has had 1,100 employees, including over 200 technicians. The Company was founded in September 2008, and its predecessor was a joint venture with more than 20 years’ experience in truck design, production, and manufacturing. XCMG’s entry of the heavy-duty truck industry has provided XCMG with powerful assurance to deliver complete construction solutions capable of hoisting and pressing, excavating and pushing, and loading and carrying.

Taking the State-level technology center and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Research Institute of Jiangsu Province as technology core, post-doctoral workstations as support, Nanjing XCMG AUTO Technology Center as backing, the Company has effectively utilized resources of several national advanced labs including road lab, engine lab, and hydraulic test lab, etc. of XCMG, continued to strengthen product R&D, widened product portfolio, improved technical level, and quality control and assurance capacity, continued to develop new products adapting to market, and met market needs maximally. In 2009, the Company completed nearly 100 product R&D projects, and made breakthroughs and improvements in more than 20 projects. The Company insists on “dual-point and one plane” product strategy and the marketing guidelines of “quantity, service, adaptability, and cooperation and win-win”. It also accelerates the development and research of special chassis of all-series dumper portfolios and truck cranes, and chassis of other special vehicles. Presently, it has possessed 4 series (common pickup trucks, dumpers, towing vehicles, and special vehicles) totaling hundreds of products, with main products including grid-type vehicles, vans, carrying vehicles, tent trucks, poultry carriers, wing opening trucks, dumpers, towing vehicles, truck cranes, mixer trucks, oil tank carriers, powder tank carriers, and garbage carriers, etc. In marketing policies, the company flexibly adopts the thought of “working out specific policies for each region, each store, and each product”, so as to meet the needs of customers in different industries towards medium and heavy-duty trucks.

Upholding the conviction of “serving customers in time” and utilizing modern marketing management measures, the company has established specialty departments including market research, customer relations, export sales, and special vehicle sales, etc., and has set up 19 external marketing centers. Presently, the Company has had 82 domestic first-class dealers, 9 overseas export agents, 304 XCMG AUTO service stations, and 16 centers of spare parts. It perfects the function of market services by combining “points, lines, and planes” strategies, specifically, taking key auto sales markets as “points”, auto logistics directions as “lines”, and service radius as “planes”. In a word, it will enable customers to have access to XCMG AUTO’s services and fittings everywhere, and to truly feel considerate services of XCMG AUTO.

XCMG AUTO has inherited the product characteristics of XCMG AUTO special purpose engineering automobiles—sturdy, reliable, and safe, as well as the auto quality of “defining new standards of trucks”. The brand new XCMG AUTO is magnificent in appearance, fashionable and humane in interior decoration, comfortable in driving, and excellent in dynamic and economical performance, and features high reliability and bearing capacity, with the overall technical level reaching or exceeding the domestic advanced level.

Nanjing Xugong Automobile Co., Ltd. is committed to building a mighty power in the heavy duty automobile industry, and continues to innovate in conception, mechanism, and management. It aims at deepening the 3C(China Compulsory Certification) product consistency management, the ISO9001 quality system, the ISO14001 environment system, and the ISO18001 occupational health and safety management systems, and also takes advantage of the information-based instruments including the ERP, PLM product data management and DMS marketing services management, and to advance the Six Sigma management comprehensively. Bearing in mind the management idea that “those who fit are talents”, the Company has formed the talent mechanism giving priorities to “selection, cultivation, use, and improvement of people”, and endeavored to realize “giving full play to people and their talents”; besides, the Company not only tries to introduce technical and managerial talents and blue-collar technicians, but also breaks routines to absorb backbones, and thereby vigorously building talent teams.

With the core values of “Taking Great Responsibilities, Acting with Great Morals and Making Great Achievements” and the spirit of “be strict, steady, Progressive, and innovative”, till 2015, the Company will, gradually invest RMB 2.5 billion to build brand new heavy-duty truck products catching up with the world that are more secure, more environmental-friendly, more light-weighted, and more economical, and the 1,500-mu XCMG AUTO Industry Park. Moreover, the Company will participate in economic and technical cooperation and expand development space in a broader scope, wider field, and higher level, and try to build the marketing and service systems led by service and paying equal attentions to both domestic and global markets; will continue to provide domestic and overseas customers with satisfactory products and superb services, enabling XCMG AUTO to ascend to the international stage and become a famous brand with world class competitiveness.


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