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NAVECO (Nanjing-Iveco)

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Introduction to the company (from official site).

NAVECO Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "NAVECO"), as a Sino-Italian joint venture established by Nanjing Motor Group Company and IVECO S. p. A., was founded on March 1, 1996 with the total investment of 3.7 billion yuan. Each party to the joint venture owns 50% of the shares respectively. The company consists of 10 divisions, 2 plants (Assembly Plant, Body Plant) and 3 subordinate companies (Engine Company, Axle Company and Gearbox Company), having more than 3000 registered employees, a land of 516000 m2 and the floor area of 202000 m2 .

The company has a designed production capacity of 60000 IVECO vehicles and 75000 diesel engines covering mainly three product ranges: Power Daily, Daily and Traveler, including more than 200 models of 6 tonnages from 3 tons to 6 tons and 5 kinds of wheel base in segments of light bus, truck, military off-road vehicle, medium bus and special vehicles. Among them, the Power Daily range incorporates not only the comfortability of cars but also the practical features of high performance and capacity of commercial & tourism vehicles. It leads a new round of revolution with respect to the technology of light bus in China.
The company has introduced much modern equipment for machining and inspection, 80% of those from Germany, USA and Italy, which reliably assure the high quality of products. The company has applied the modern managerial system with information technology, like, ERP and e-commerce, and adopted many advanced computer-aid means, such as, CAD,CAE and CAM in a wide scope to boost efficiency.
With quality policy of "Strive for Perfect Vehicles Putting Quality First, Create Famous Brand by Quality and Efficiency Giving Absolutely Priority to Customers" and scientific quality management system, the company has constructed a reliable and effective quality assurance system which passed the certification in accordance with different quality standards applied by the State, industry and army, such as, ISO90001, ISO/TS16949 and GJB9001A standards.

Environment protection is also one value sought by NAVECO. Devoting itself to the development and production of environment friendly vehicles, the company has successively launched vehicles and engines which meet " Euro II" and " Euro III" emission level, based on the environment protection policy "Carry out clean production of environmental-friendly vehicles managing the enterprise by rules, Optimising the green environment continually taking the prevention first".

The environment management system of company has passed thecertification in accordance with ISO14001. The activities relating to environment protection have been audited and accepted with respect to lean production, and the company has won the titles of Jiang Su Environment Friendly Enterprise and Leading Enterprise in Environment Protection.
In the course of construction and development of the company, many leaders of the CPC central committee and the State attached high importance to the growth and development of NAVECO, Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, Wu Bangguo, Huang Ju, Li Lanqing, Song Ping, Rong Yiren, Zhou Jiahua, Fei Xiaotong, etc, have inspected the company in succession personally. The company has won the titles of "Excellent Enterprise with Foreign Investment", "Service Unit with Customer Satisfaction" and "Company of Quality Trusted by Consumer ".
Facing the future, the company will make progress unceasingly to achieve a greater success, sticking to the operating notion of "Efficient, Practical, Innovative and Win-Win" and the creed of "the strong gets stronger "

There are 5 production lines in the Assembly Plant: internal trimming line, chassis line, assembly line and inspection line, having a capability of assembling and inspection for 60,000 vehicles per year. The existing equipment assets amounts to 67.95 million yuan, and the land area is 100,000 square meters ( besides this, the testing field of 30,000 square meters) with 30,000 square meters of floor area.

The production lines in Assembly Plant may accommodate the operation of a single products as well as the operation of mixed products. The production timing can be adjusted without interruption according to the need of working task.

In order to guarantee the product quality of IVECO vehicles, NAVECO has introduced many world-class production equipment, such as, the ATLAS tyre nut fastening machine from Sweden, the vacuum filling machine of brake fluid from Italy, the R134a freon filling machine from Germany, the testing apparatuses of Euro III engine from Italy, ABS testing instruments, wind-screen gluing robot. NAVECO has also constructed the A/C testing room, sealing performance testing room, testing ground, and introduced the Hofman testing line from Germany to conduct 100% the inspection of items, such as, axle load, positioning angle, speed, brake, side sliding, light, steering, emission, rainproof and sealing performance. The whole line is controlled through via Siemens Programmed Controller with function of real time data collection, printing, on-the-site monitoring, filing, summarizing, analyzing and control. This inspection passed the national acceptance in Dec.1997 and was rated as the first A Class (top level) vehicle inspection line in the automotive industry, achieving the national standards of exempting from examination for new vehicle registration.

In addition, the plant has been certificated in accordance with different national and military standards, such as, ISO9001, GJB9001A and ISO14001, having a reliable and effective quality and environment assurance system.

The Assembly Plant initiated the campaign of ?glearning-type enterprise?h to cultivate a good learning and enterprising atmosphere by the way of combining the guidance with discussion, lesson-teaching with self-teaching, examination with performance evaluation.

NAVECO Body Plant produces mainly the body and frame of various models in IVECO Daily range and Power Daily range. Its yearly production capacity is 60000 bodies and 200,000 longitudinal beams.

NAVECO Body Plant is a technology-intensive manufacturing plant of modern equipment. It has a certain capability of design, development and prototyping integrating three main processes of stamping, welding and painting. There are more than 600 sets of product equipment, most of which are imported from abroad.

The 3000-ton and 4000-ton pressing machine produced by Clearing UK and WeinGarten Germany can guarantee that the longitudinal beam will be shaped just by one pressing, so that the load ability and safety of vehicle can be reliably assured. We are the first one in Chinese automotive industry to possess the large-size pressing equipment. Three dual-action pressing lines of 1500 tons, 1000 tons and 800 tons that produced by Mecfond and Rovetta Italy carry out the production of big body covering parts of various models.

Body Plant has the complete set of final welding line introduced from ITCA Italy for the Daily range bodies, and the set of final welding line made in Korea for Power Daily range bodies. 17 sets of COMAU welding robots and 5 sets of ABB welding robots carry out the main operation of body welding. With the firm welding and even weld dots, the quality welding of body is ensured.

Most of the body painting equipment is designed and introduced from Italy. The pre-treatment of phosphorization adopts the low-temperature three-element process, and the primer applies the thick-film cathode cataphoresis. The to-and-fro static high-speed spray cup and ABB robot are applied respectively on the two coating lines. The paint film of cataphoresis is thick, and the coating has high ustrousness, can resist against the impact and aging. There are two standard colors for the body painting, Alps white and metallic blue, six optional colors, diamond white, ruby red, grass green, dreaming blue, light green, orange pearl

The advanced lineation machine with 3-dimension measurement is applied to normalize the measurement for body assembly and sub-assembly. The portable 3-dimension measuring machine imported from Metionoi Norway is applied for the positioning and measuring of tooling and jigs. With those, the effective and accurate basis is provided for the quality improvement of body.

The plant has passed the certification for quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 ?F 2000, certification for environment management system in accordance with ISO14001, ?g3C?h certification for compulsory testing on products organized by China Quality Certification Center, and the certification in accordance with National Army Standards GJB-9001A-2001.
In December 2002, the plant was honored with the tile of ?g Environmental Friendly Enterprise of Jiangsu province?h. It passed the acceptance examination for clean production organized by the provincial and municipal Environment Bureaus and the municipal Economy Committee in April 2003, being granted with tiles of ?g Green Grade Enterprise?h and ?g First lot of Environment Friendly Enterprises of Jiang Su province?h.
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Re: Naveco

Engine Branch Company of NAVECO Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the engine design and production, it is established with the joint investment of Yue Jing Auto (Group) Company and IVECO S.p.A. of Fiat Group. The company is located near the beautiful Yuhua Tai in Nanjing, having a land area of about 120,000 m 2 , and a building area of 50,000 m 2 approximately. There are the automatized lines for the production of cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft and accessory case, and 4 production line for engine assembling and testing, which are set up with the advanced equipment, inspection instrument and testing facilities of more than 900 units. The company has a yearly production capacity of 75,000 engines and the fixed assets of 1 billion RMB approximately.

Engine Branch of NAVECO Ltd. produces the SOFIM 8140 and 8142 diesel engines which are top-class engines designed and developed by IVECO Italy. Following upon the updating of technology of IVECO Italy, the company has invested 300 million RMB to develop new products and improve quality. The direct injection turbo-charged inter cooling diesel engine 8140.43 was launched successfully in 1998, and passed the intensive testing and reliability testing of 2000 hours in the testing center of IVECO Italy, reaching the emission level of Euro II as the first in China. This engine passed the certification for the conformity of production organized by the State Environment Protection Bureau General, the State Development & Reforming Ministry, and the State Tax Bureau General in August, 2003. The company is the only diesel manufacturer that got this certification in China. At the end of 2003, the company launched the 8140.43S/43N diesel engine that conform to the emission level of Euro III adopting the advanced technology of high-pressure common rail and electronically-controlled injection. The company has had the capacity of mass production of this engine and marketed at home since the first half of 2004 and marketed. Therefore, SOFIM engines continue to hold a leading position in performance and environment protection.

Engine Branch of NAVECO has established a quality system that is suitable for the management of modern enterprise, taking the technology as guide, the quality as root, and the management as means. It got the third party certification of TUV (Shang Hai) and Shang Hai Quality Certification Center according to ISO9001 in May 1998, certification of the State Quality Certification Center according to ISO9001/2000 version in 2000, certification of the environment protection according to IS014001 in April 2002, CQC certification of China Quality Certification Center in Octobor 2003 as the first in the section of vehicle engine manufacturing, and the third party certification of TUV (Shang Hai) according to ISO/TS16949 in December 2003.

The advanced technology, outstanding quality, high reliability and good reputation bring the company a lot of economic returns. Since 1999, the company has exported to IVECO Italy more than 50,000 sets of engine components, such as, cylinder block, crankshaft, cylinder head and camshaft, which meet completely the requirements of IVECO Italy. With the continuous enhancement of production capacity, the SOFIM products are supplied to many vehicle manufacturers except for the production of IVECO vehicles. In the future, there will be more and more manufacturers who will choose the high-quality SOFIM engines.

Following the operation philosophy of ?g honesty, quality, price, service?h, today?fs Engine Branch of NAVECO takes part in the market competition with modern management, remarkable technology advantages and reliable product quality. It is making great efforts to set up an international company, and striving to offer a world-class environment-friendly power to China auto industry.
Engine Company of NAVECO Ltd. introduced the advanced manufacturing process and technology from Italy, and set up the automatized lines for the production of cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft and accessory case, and 4 production lines imported for engine assembling and testing with the updating equipment, inspection instrument and testing facilities of more than 900 units. The modern manufacturing technology and on-line active measurement are applied widely in the course of manufacturing. Computer-Aided Management is employed to group the pistons and bearings in the course of assembly. ATLAS fastening machines made in Sweden are used in the critical operation for torque control. The active measuring technology of Malpos is widely applied for the measurement of components, and the on-line comprehensive measuring machine is used for cylinder block, crankshaft and connecting rod to measure, group, select and print the dimensions of assembling and shape errors. The testing of engine before delivery from the plant is carried out on the automatized intelligent testing line controlled by computer, which is the first class in China equipping with the advanced facilities, such as, AVL testing bench made in Austria and combustion analysis instrument.

NAVECO Axle Branch is located at the foot of Zhongshan Mountain, which covers the area over 90000 square meters. The equipment values RMB130, 000,000. The branch company mainly produces different kinds of 1-20 tonnage bus, truck chassis and front/rear 4x4 off-road axles. The product scale is wide. The main products include 4x4 series, independent suspension series and non-independent suspension series, tube-type and integrated-type series. The brake system is divided into two series: disc brake and drum brake, having the function of clearance self-adjusting and ABS. The transmission of brake force is not only hydraulic brake but also air brake.

NAVECO Axle Branch Company?fs manufacturing equipment includes not only the soft production line consisting of dozens of processing centers, turning centers and welding robots, but also rigid production line consisting of all kinds of special equipment, which is applicable to process different kinds and different batch of axle parts and is at leading position in the industry. 4-wheel aligner simulates complete vehicle operational status to check parameters of front axle, assuring the quality of axle assembly. 80% processing and testing equipment are imported from German, USA and Italy. The advanced equipments effectively assures product quality.

Besides meeting the demand of domestic IVECO vehicles, NAVECO Axle Branch Company produces axle assembly and parts for Italian IVECO SPA, Zhengzhou Yutong, Shanghai Huizong Heavy-duty Vehicle Company etc. famous manufacturers. The company has the complete ability for products development and technics planning.

NAVECO Axle Branch Company has formed reliable and effective quality system step by step since 1998. It passes ISO991, GJB9001A, ISO/TS 16949 etc. state, industry, military quality standards evaluations.

NAVECO Gearbox Branch Company mainly produces the gearbox assembly for IVECO ?gS?h Series vehicles and 4x4 military off-road vehicles. The yearly production ability is 15000 sets. The overall area is 35000 square meters, and the building area is 18000 square meters. The green area reaches 11200 square meters.

NAVECO Gearbox Branch Company has die-casting line, gearbox shell processing line, 4 gearbox gears processing lines and one plane close assembly line. The gearbox production technology completely introduces from IVECO Italy and follows the tides of IVECO technology. Gear precision is processed under German DIN standard. Main production and test equipments are imported from German, Italy and USA. Processing technics level and test capacity are in the leading position in China.

NAVECO Gearbox Branch Company has its strong product development ability. Up to now the products cover 2826, 2826.5 gearbox assembly, gearbox assembly with overdrive, gearbox with transfer case, remote control gearbox with manual brake assembly, AMT assembly and car gearbox shell altogether 6 series. The Quality has reached the Europe IVECO standards. Among the over 200000 users of IVECO vehicle, the gearbox still has no complaint from customer.

Besides providing gearbox for IVECO vehicles, Gearbox Branch Company also produces gearbox for Suzhou Kinglong, Wuhan Lingyun, JAC, Yangcheng Auto, Hebei Zhongxing etc. manufacturer. Meanwhile the company also develop gearbox shell for Nanjing Fiat.
Insisting on the operational concept of ?gEfficiency, Practicalness, Innovation, Win-win?h, NAVECO Gearbox Branch Company established scientific and sophisticated quality and environment system. It passes ISO991, GJB9001A, ISO/TS 16949 etc. state, industry, military quality standards evaluations. And the company was granted as ?gGreen Plant?h for its environmental achievement.

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Re: Naveco


1) Passenger buses:

-Power Daily

IVECO passenger bus originates from European nobility style. Since it was introduced in 1980s, it defined short-headed light bus in Chinese market. New IVECO “Power Daily” bus launch in 2004 rewrote the history of high-grade light bus. The “Power Daily” range designed by 3 top Italian automobile design companies has been the pilot in domestic light bus market.

IVECO passenger buses can be divided into two series: Power Daily and Turbo Daily. The passenger number ranges from 6 to 24. The wheelbases include 2800mm, 3310mm, 3950mm and 4180mm.

-Turbo Daily

IVECO Turbo Daily passenger bus originates from Italian nobility with European style. Since launched in 1980s in China, it defined semi-forward light bus standard in China.
  Turbo Daily passenger bus is equipped with powerful, fuel-saving, environment-friendly (first to meet EURO III standard in China) engine and big-torque, high-reliability IVECO gearbox; front independent suspension; tube-inserting rear axle; 4 disc brakes etc. ensure its leading position in light bus market.
  Passenger number of Turbo Daily passenger buses ranges from 6 to 24; wheelbase covers 2800, 3310, 3950 and 4180 four series; GVW range from 3.5 tons to 5 tons.
2) Commercial vehicles

-Euro Truck

EURO TRUCKS series follow the designing theory of “inheriting and creation” and the European principle “People-oriented”. Based on the most advanced automobile technology from IVECO, EURO TRUCKS put into the market with the global synchronization, completely surpassed the Japanese-styled trucks, to be the leader of the top domestic logistic trucks

EURO TRUCKS series fully make fully application of digital development technology, with graceful shape designed by the famous master, unique and warm interior decoration, excellence of economic and environmental performance, double-safe and multi-protected structure, showing the character of technology, environmental-safety and security. By the leading common rail electronical engine, the exhaust achieves the EURO III standard. It’s the perfect integration of moduled parts and characteristic body. The rated payload is from 0.99 to 2.49 tons, 19 basic models and 20 models of optional equipment.

Unique "5A" safety design
Semi-forward style
Safety semi-forward style ensuring bushion crash energy absorbing part. Once crash face to face, it can prevent people in driver cab from hurt magnificently.

Wide body
Adopting the body design of Golden Ratio width, the track is 300mm over the other similar vehicles. It not only increases the volume for goods but also ensures the whole vehicle more stable and safe at turning.

Independent suspension
By introducing passenger-car-styled front axle with independent axle, improve the driving comfortability and stability of the vehicle.

4-disc brakes
Enhance active safety and optimize adaptability to complex road conditions.

Safety driver cab
Double reinforcement design is structured on the roof of driver cab. It ensures that the driver cab will not distort even when crash happens to it and prevent people in driver cab from hurt.
-Commercial Vehicle

Turbo Daily Commercial Vehicles introduced complete Italian IVECO S.P.A. complete range technology and produced in NAVECO. Since 1992 the range has been launched into the market, nearly 180,000 units have been produced. The product was named the first prize in national light vehicle quality examination in 1997.

Turbo Daily commercial vehicles range includes single cab trucks, crew cab trucks and vans, altogether 5 wheelbases (2800mm 、 3310mm 、 3600mm 、 3950mm 、 4180 mm) with the payload ranges from 0.86T to 3.275T etc. almost 30 models.

Turbo Daily commercial vehicles series demonstrate the international advanced technology in 1990s with robot technology and digital design technology application. The vehicles with European styled short head are of excellent economy, reliability and durability.
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Re: Naveco

Off-road 2045 and 2046 series vehicles

IVECO military vehicles serve in NATO and Chinese military. NAVECO introduced IVECO military off-road vehicles and modified into civil-use off-road vehicles. It can be divided into 2 series: 2045 and 2046.
Naveco also produces buses and various special vehicles (police and ambulance vans, etc).

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Re: Naveco

SAIC merges and overhauls Naveco CV brands

February 25, 2009 - Fourteen months after it acquired Nanjing Auto, Chinese auto giant SAIC now has started its restructuring of Nanjing Iveco (Naveco), a commercial vehicle division of Nanjing Auto, said 21st Century Business Herald today.

The Naveco assets are handed over to SAIC's commercial vehicle business division. The Iveco and Guerin (Yuejin) brands will have separate departments for sourcing, quality control, and sales. This represents SAIC's independent double-brand strategy in the commercial vehicle segment just like it is doing in the passenger-car market. The joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling has been a CV market leader in China.

Naveco can expand SAIC's CV market share and also support the Chinese auto giant's growth in the global market. Meanwhile, after the merger of Nanjing Auto into SAIC, it is also more possible for Iveco to have a larger platform for its operation in China, and the profits-making capability of Naveco has also boosted Iveco's confidence in this fast-growing market.

Back in May 2008, SAIC and Iveco unveiled their jointly developed first vehicle model -- Power Daily, which features the new generation the powerful 3.0L F1C engine and the second generation BOSCH common-rail electric injection system. As Iveco's Daily model specially designed for the Chinese market, Power Daily is expected to become the benchmark for China's future light commercial vehicles.

SAIC and Iveco began to cooperate in 2005 by establishing SAIC Iveco Commercial Vehicles Co Ltd., to produce commercial vehicles using Iveco's technology. The joint venture bought a 67% stake in Chongqing Hongyan Auto, one of China's leading trucks makers, to build another company making diesel engines.

Naveco aims to achieve a steady sales growth in the Chinese market by selling 25,000 Iveco trucks (up12.5%) and 52,000 Guerin trucks (up 10.1%) this year.

Turbo Daily:

Daily 2.5T-A35:
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Re: Naveco

Following the operation philosophy of ?g honesty, quality, price, service?h, today?fs Engine Branch of NAVECO takes part in the market competition with modern management, remarkable technology advantages and reliable product quality. It is making great efforts to set up an international company, and striving to offer a world-class environment-friendly power to China auto industry.
It's interesting to note's August 2006 report on Naveco engine activity which cites Russian input to the firm:
"Russia’s Zavolzhsky Engine Plant has signed a contract with China’s Naveco Company to supply 3,000 engines to China-Italy’s Naveco, the company’s sales director Alexander LBov told reporters at the Moscow Intn’l Motor show on Friday."

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Re: Naveco

The "world-class environment-friendly power" consists of a hybrid electric engine, currently being tested at the Nanjing Automotive Institute:

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Re: Naveco

Hi, please I need know:
Have the Iveco PowerDaily 3.0L F1C engine? or not yet

Nanjing Iveco electric light bus put into use

March 18, 2009 - Nanjing Iveco's electric light bus has been eventually put into practical use after around a year's R&D endeavor. Since last week, ten of these new energy vehicles featured with zero-emission and pollution-free functions have been used as the State Grid's official service buses.

Noticeably, this is the first time for the domestic auto industry to realize the volume production and practical application of electric light buses, the Beijing News reported today.

As the first China-made light commercial vehicle facilitated with total electric-driven technology, the Iveco electric light bus looks almost the same as the brand's common model. The very key difference lies in the energy it uses - the traditional diesel is replaced by renewable, zero-emission and pollution-free electric power.

Next to its environmental advantage, the Iveco electric light bus outperforms common light buses in energy-efficiency as well. For every hundred kilometers' driving the vehicle consumes approximately 40 KWH electricity, which is only equal to five liters' fuel consumption required by an ordinary passenger bus. And after recharging, the Iveco electric light bus is powered to drive for a 220-kilometer trip.

Iveco 'Venice' minivan:

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Global leading light truck NAVECO Chaoyue (meaning beyond) has won wide praises since its launch last year thanks to its striking design, good allocation, strong power, high fuel saving, security in multi-situations, comfortable driving experience, low emission and strong control on noise. On the occasion of one year anniversary of Chaoyue rolling off the line, on September 28 Naveco launches another brand new model Chaoyue C100 in Dunhuang, Gansu province. The official price is between 89,800 yuan and 98,800 yuan.
C100 is designed for high-level light truck lasting four years under the full support of SAIC and IVECO with an investment of one billion yuan. C100 based on C300 technical platform meets for different market demands compared to C300. It is mainly targeted at industrial users, refitting users, corporate users and logistics users, catering for medium and short distance city transport such as intercity logistic and public service.
C100 is designed for city transport with three types, weighing 3.5t, 4t and 5t. The specification of 5t light truck is: 2800mm wheelbase, 5440mm×1950mm×2327mm (L×W×H). When deciding the size, the technical team takes full account of city transport and leading manufacturing technique, making C100 above the average level of current city transport vehicles in China.
C100 is equipped with international leading SOFIM8140 engine with rated power 92kW and torque between 285 N.m and 320N.m. compared to other products of the same kind, C100 is much easier and convenient to manipulate and performs very well in multi road conditions and driving comfort.
As a product also open to international market, C100 is designed for an international leading light truck. As early as the initial design, technicians from China and Italy work closely and make a large amount of experiment and check by following international latest technology and technique to explore regulations and market demands in different countries.


Naveco C300:


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Re: Naveco

hello , I have 5 units of this van and im in desperate need of a parts manual for this van. The vin # LNVDICA37DV901681
I really need any site or place where I can get the manuals and also where I can get parts for these vans . Can anyone help me out with this .
Parts Books

I would like to ask if anyone knows a good place to get Parts books for NAVECO (Nanjing-Iveco) made vans. I have tried searching the net for days with no luck. I have even been to the Nanjing site and its kinda screwed up also.
The company I work for has bought 5 vans and I need a parts book to get spares.
all info will be greatly appreciated.
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