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Naza Forza (former Sutera) - Malaysian Hafei Lobo

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Malaysian automaker Naza has unveiled their new model called Sutera. This is a Pininfarina designed minicar and has a 1,1 liter Daihatsu engine with 65horsepower. But a surprise; Naza Sutera is infact a re-badged Hafei Lobo :D Though Naza has made some minor adjustments to the exterior design and in my opinion it looks now better than the original !

Standard equipment includes power steering, dual airbags, power windows/locks/mirrors, 60/40 split fold rear seats, underseat storage and an MP3-compatible CD stereo.

Naza expects to assemble about 30,000 Suteras a year, with plans to sell them everywhere from Malaysia to Malta, Cyprus, India, Brunei, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, and interestingly, the United Kingdom. Naza also assembles re-badged Kia Carens and Carnival models.

Here is Sutera's showroom:

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dont like the body style that much :(
rebadged Hafei Zhongyi

m_a_gamal said:
Looks great, but its engine is daihatsu not mitsubishi??
If this is a rebadged Zhongyi then the engine is Mitsubishi.
theres actually quite a buzz around it in malaysia...lets see how it does..or it stop production in a few months
firefox said:
Here's another photo

i like the gunmetal rims ..looks pretty good overall;):thumb:
start to see more naza sutera on the malaysia road now.
another great picture post...egytuner are these naza/hafei lobos in egypt too?
Nope. They are in malaysia only till now i guess, but they are going to start exporting them, but these are Right hand drive cars. not left like the normal Lobo... but i think people at naza made nice redesigning for the lights. i like the front more than the Lobo.

hafei lobos are in Egypt, BYD F3/Flayer , FAW angel, Zyote Terios, Geely, Chery Models(speranza).. and i think other brands will showup soon.
Oh... Lioncel, Sou east... & Brilliance Galena (grandeur) Assembeled here... :thumb:
this one looks much better than the Hafei Lobo, i don't like the Lobo's dash board, this one is much better plus the front lights, they look like the Chevrolet Spark/Daewoo Matiz (the recent model)
there is a sporty version of Naza Sutera available now.. with some goodies and bodykits.
Those tail lights are just wrong, and look really goofy with the hatch up.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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