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I'm shopping for a car to buy and use in China. Being from the U.S., when I research cars I'm used to looking at the Consumer Reports and Edmunds websites to learn about the trim levels, features of certain models and how the cars are tested and evaluated.

I've found out that the the vehicles offered for sale in China from any given Mfr. (i.e., Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, etc.) actually differ in some important aspects, like length, engine size, to name just two. They have the same names though; Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey, Hyundai Sonata...

Where can I get information about how the Chinese models differ from the American models?

Also, are there review/rating websites (like the ones I mentioned above) that test, review, and evaluate these cars made for the Chinese market?

Finally, are the models made for the Chinese market only different in certain aspects or are they also of a lower quality? Are the manuafacuring quality control standards the same for the both the main manufacturer and joint venture manufacturer?

Thanks for your help!
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