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New Chinese make; Chelfing

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There seems to be a new car manufacturer in China. Name is Chelfing and three models are currently available.


This is from their website:

"Chelfing Automotive is Asia’s most exciting new brand. Synonymous with style, power, practicality and refinement. Chelfing delivers a lifestyle, a future, a dream. From hip city kid to Industry leader, the people choose Chelfing. A proud history spanning decades in the production of trucks, buses and light industrial vehicles for the people, climaxes in a new range of Automobiles at very low prices with the highest quality you deserve. Browse this site then see your local friendly Chelfing dealer to realize your dreams."



This SUV is clearly a copy of SsangYong Musso SUT with a slightly new front-end. Interestingly a V8 engine is offered.

"Under the hood, Chelfing provide a pair of powerful engines, from the European sourced 2.9 litre diesel engine, producing 115 horses power to the mighty USA made V8 5.7 liter gasoline engine with 180 horses power. A robust 5 speed or slick 4 speed Automatic gearbox help you get the best from the power under the hood."


This model is a copy of Daewoo Racer/Le Mans, previously sold as Opel Kadett E in Europe (1984-1991).

"Sporting heritage –Head of Chelfings autosport division, David Trimble, gives you the benefit of his racing experience in the form of a sprightly 1.3 litre fuel injected 16 valve engine coupled with a nimble chassis. Disc brakes, independent suspension, pollen filter - these features spell out the Razzle’s superior driving ability. A wide range of colors and extensive interior options mean you can add your own twist of style to the cabin."

It's nice to see a new player in Chinese market. Although their models are a little bit out-of-date I still think they can succeed. If they can price Razzle right, let's say below 60 000 yuan, they could find buyers.

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LoL.... Of Course its a joke.... Look.... why would they offer Koalaskin seat covers. :rolleyes:

"Koalaskin seat covers. World Wildlife Fund Inspectors authority not valid in China ! Covers made from prime Koala skin, with elasticated edge for fitment to any automobile, adds unique style to your automobile. $80 per seat." :thumb: :thumb:
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