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Hello everybody,
I am currently working on a research paper concerning the Chinese Electric Vehicle Industry. During my researches I have identified China as the leader in this technology.

I am interested in any kind of information about OEMs,Tier1 and Tier2 companies in this new industry. I have already found information on the OEMs, but it is difficult to find information about Tier1 and Tier2 companies.

Especially it would be of interest with whom they cooperate or who they suppyl with the specific components.


Take care
your Schmauss

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Welcome Schmauss:
Although China has, and is making great strides, I don't think it is yet the leader in this field. As for sources, I would recommend and Automotive News China (a branch of the Automotive News trade journal).
Also look at CATARC:
Another is:
Don't forget to do a search here at CCF, although you can not yet use acronyms or numbers for your search.
Good luck.
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