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Dear fellow CCF members!

New administrator gave me permissions to create and moderate forums and subforums.

Now we have an opportunity to implement all the changes we discussed.

First possibility is just to make minor changes, like adding forums for JAC and Hawtai for example.

But I'm thinking about more radical approach. We could have one section for Chinese companies and second about foreign manufacturers (regardless of number of JV’s they have). I prepared a quickly made list of all forums and subforums in ''domestic'' and ''foreign'' section. All brands would be sorted by alphabetical order. You can see my vision in enclosed attachement. This is just an idea; I'm open to all suggestions and remarks. One of the questions I haven't figured is where to put new brands like Li nian and Baojun.

There is also a possibility, that biggest Chinese companies like Chery, Geely and FAW with many sub-brands get their own section and their respective brands their own forums.

That's all for now. Please write me your ideas and suggestions and contribute to making this forum even better!

hello...all of you..;)..i am tom and i am new in this forum this is really a interesting post...for me...thanks..:)
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