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phaeton said:
I like the JV section as it is - if you want to expand that area perhaps just one foreign brand lounge/section would not go astray, as most people come to talk about Chinese brands not the foreign brands.
That would make a huge subforum, so I'm more into martin's idea, moreover I'm a fan of the whole global car industry.

About the local brands of the foreign car manufacturers: Baojun, Linian, Venucia and VW's upcoming local brand have more in common (technology, platforms) with GM, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen than with the local state-owned JV partners so I think these brands do better fit in the foreign car section. I really like the rest of your ideas, martin!

Erik (laofan) have stated in a Polarsun thread that it no longer produces cars/went bankrupt, so Polarsun don't really need a subforum in my opinion, or do you have plans to create a subforum for all the smaller local manufacturers (Tianqi Meiya, Fudi, etc.)?
I believe Gonow is now part of GAIC and therefore the second local brand of GAIC besides GAC (Trumpchi). Secondly Hafei and Changhe are now owned by ChangAn and I believe ChangAn cooperates with Jiangling Motors (JMC), but doesn't control them. Thirdly Zotye owns Jiangnan. Maybe someone can confirm this?
Furthermore, Europestar and Huanghai might as well deserve their own subforums and what about Jonway (UFO) and Fudi? I have no idea if these brands are relevant enough.

These were my suggestions ;)

Oh, a fresh new banner would also be great!
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